Institute Travel Bans, Put the Health of US Citizens First; Medical Nobel Laureate slams Nurse Hickox and favors mandatory quarantine

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This is not difficult. And under a truly pro-American president, it would have been done already. During this severe outbreak of Ebola, travel bans for all non-aide travel from African countries where the virus is running rampant should have been in place weeks ago. Weeks ago. Period. Medical folks and aid workers may still go and return from these countries, but under the same sound-science restrictions that are in place for military workers sent to those countries: a mandatory quarantine outside of the home upon return or prior to return.

Vincent Sheheen is a sexist bigot; and note to scumbag Sheheen: Give me a whore any day over your bigoted self for office

Not a mention on the Evening News; nothing on Slate, or anywhere else readily visible on mainstream outlets. The worst of it; the way this scumbag thinks its funny to degrade women. Remember when Gov. Moonbeam (Jerry) Brown of California called his female opponent a whore? Didn't scratch him a bit, cause he was you know...the right "color" as in....Blue for the sexist bigoted Left Wing media machine.

In case you forgot about Brown, here is a link

A woman ascends to take the fall—the story of Mary Barra

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The dolts at the NYTimes seem almost universally to have no notion of what is actually happening on any given day--the only given for the Times is the fact they are driven almost wholly by their desire to frame the news they present in a light favorable to Democrats in general, and Obama in particular. (Yes, today we're again told how wonderful ObamaCaid is when it is SO NOT.) To examine the Times' cluelessness, take this case study: A woman is named CEO of General Motors. Hmm, that’s something that has NEVER happened, not only at GM, but at any major auto company, as the Times points out.

It's time to demand the end to Black on White Violence that plagues our nation; just as is was right to do the reverse back in the day

From NYDailyNews: "Three [black] brutes were caught on camera viciously assaulting an unsuspecting 21-year-old [white girl] in a rapidly gentrifying area of Brooklyn, according to a video released by police Monday." Now can you imagine if three white men did this to a black girl? The media would be all OVER it, declaring it a hate crime. Here not so much. The Today Dhow won't play this tape incessantly; the New York Times won't A1 this story and NYDaily news didn't bother mention the race of the attacking scum, but we did. This video (below) is horrifying.

FemiLab: ObamaCare coverage leads to more unnecessary ER visits; Flu during pregnancy linked to bipolar kids; and more

ObamaCare coverage leads to more unnecessary ER visits in Oregon study

Increased availability of Medicaid coverage is associated with higher use of emergency departments (EDs), according to a Science article….Coverage increased ED use for all types of nonemergency visits, including those rated as "primary care treatable." The proportion of visits resulting in hospital admission, however, did not increase.

Chicken Killer from ?


"Gabriel Quintero of Riverdale (Fresno County) is suspected of breaking into a Foster Farms chicken ranch and killing more than 900 birds with a golf club." ~SFgate. None of the news reports will tell us if this sick creep is a US Citizen or if he's not. What about the other younger teens arrested? Are they here legally? Demand news reports report the news.

Demand Ebola Air Travel Restrictions –NOW

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From the Daily Mail:

There are now calls to restrict travel between affected countries and the U.S., but the White House has deemed the move unnecessary.
'It would be reasonable [for the president] to designate Ebola as a communicable disease of public health significance. That would enable the State Department to impose tighter restrictions on visitors' from these countries, Jessica Vaughan, policy director at the Center for Immigration Studies told the Daily Caller.


FemiLab: Wasted Tax $$, Dark Chocolate and Stroke Risk, and Best Meal Plan for Kids


Jeers and Cheers
Jeers for this serious waste of $$, perhaps your tax dollars.
No one loves good science more than FemiSex writers, but…seriously, did anyone need to do this study that found…”Marital stress may make people more vulnerable to depression, according to a recent study by University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers and their colleagues.”
NOT SO MUCH! Let’s actually cure some shit with our precious and finite resources.

Try telling the Truth Mr. Obama

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Obama Lie: By almost every measure, the American economy and American workers are better off than when I took office.

The Truth: “…over the past six years, median income in America has fallen eight percent under President
Obama…. [and the] poverty rate is above the rate when President Obama took office” ~ Fox News

The Truth: “the number of long-term unemployed is nearly double what it was when Obama became president.” ~ Fact

The Truth: “Wages remain stagnant…” ~Fact

70 Percent of Americans distrust Network News; Three Quarters of Public Distrust National Newspapers

Public’s Trust of Different Sources for News

% Saying “A Lot”

Local TV News 42%

Local Newspaper 34%

Network TV News 30%

Family & Friends 28%

Cable News 27%

National Newspaper 26%

Google 22%

Journalists 17%

Facebook 14%

Government Websites 13%

Twitter 9%

Bloggers 9%
The Washington Times reported on these poll results and also the fact that Democrat Journalist Brian Williams and the FAR LEFT NBC outlet are "begging" kids to watch news.