Democrat Media Attempts to Bully Americans into NewsSpeak

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Bullies are those who use their position of some power to torment others, most often for the express purpose of getting others to hate the object of their scorn. Bullies are at their heart cowards and despicable people who want to poison public opinion against someone or even something, e.g., the GOP. Now, Yet ANOTHER study finds that the Democrat Media use their position of power to, in effect, bully Republicans. And recently the Wall St.

Time magazine bemoans Slut and Whore—sort of; but ignores Democrat Hollywood is MAIN source of U.S. Cultural Misogyny

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Oh my, looke there: COWARD Time mag is decrying the use of the S and W words. The idiot Time item laments the use of the S word, saying it’s used “daily to harass, threaten and humiliate young woman and girls.” But Time REFUSES to say that the MAIN purveyors of slut and whore are Democrat Hollywood. Every night turn on a rerun of “Friends” or tune into “Hot in Cleveland” and you will hear SLUT pushed at you. And slut is not just for the little gals; Hillary Clinton was “a big fucking whore” according to Democrat radio, and Democrat Louis C. K.

In Historically Female Profession, Gals still take backseat to the BoyZ—male RNs make WAY more than Female counterparts

Male registered nurses (RNs) make more than $5,000 per year than their female counterparts across most settings, specialty areas and positions, according to a UCSF-led study, and this earnings gap has not improved over the last three decades.
UCSF-Led Study Finds No Improvement in Earnings Gap Since 1988

Wow, thanks to UCSF for the above information.

The analysis will be published as a “Research Letter” in the March 24/31 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.
Male adjusted salaries were, on average, higher by $5,148---

Democrat Racism of Low Expectations: Why Do Democrats and Obama Feel that Blacks Cannot Behave?

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Obama bans black kids from being disciplined at school, but Whites, Asians, Hispanics must behave
Racist Obama has ruled that: Black kids can no longer be suspended from school unless, well, pretty much unless they kill someone in the classroom. The rules of normal conduct still apply to whites and other races, but for black kids, they get the “blacks can’t do it” Obama hall pass.

It is the worst kind of racism to say: hey blacks can’t help themselves so ….we had better look the other way. That is terrible racism! Paternalistic and nutty and sad and dangerous.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich Turn $8 Billion State Debt into $1.5 Billion Surplus: Times calls him “Off-Putting”; Questions his “Temperament”

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"Mr. Kasich is his record as governor. He won a second term in a two-to-one ratio, taking 86 of 88 counties. On his watch, Ohio’s $8 billion budget shortfall has turned into a $1.5 billion surplus. He has increased funding for mental health services and takes credit for 352,000 new private sector jobs."
That comes at the END of a NYTimes item on Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich.

UN Report: Libya Beset by Unprecedented Turmoil, Lawlessness. [Thanks Obama and Hillary]

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A new (Feb 2015) report by the U.N. Human Rights Office and the U.N. Support Mission in Libya finds a nation beset by turmoil, lawlessness and armed conflict.~ Voice of America
[Libya is now] a society run by armed factions determined to exert their power by force, the report, authors say, shows that Libya is facing the worst political crisis and escalation of violence since the 2011 armed conflict toppled long-reigning dictator Moammar Gadhafi. VOA

Transparency Trans-shamarncy –Obama DECLARES White House a NO-GO Zone for FOIA Requests

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Obama Officially Kills White House Email Transparency Promises—wait for it: oh there it is: Media Yawns, relentlessly covers that White B**** Hillary, on her lack of transparency. White Gal GETS it; Black Guy, not so much, er…not at all. If Obama says one thing, you can be sure he means the other. Remember...

Mass Rape Darfur and Media Misogyny link together to Terrorize Women Globally

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Per Human Rights Watch, Feb 2015: Sudanese army forces raped more than 200 women and girls over 36 hours in an organized attack on the north Darfur town of Tabit last October, a new Human Rights Watch report shows.

Well, now imagine if the report found: White army forces lynched more than 200 blacks over 36 hours… anywhere in the world. The NEWS would Blow Up!! But rape,…that’s just bitches gettn’ tagged, snore, per our Dem media.

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NO, LA Times critic, Bitch is NOT a "great'' word, just as Nigger is not a great word to describe those who yelled Bitch as they beat a girl

We needn't fear the "bitch"; it's a great word, often funny, frequently apt, which is why it has become so popular. It's a high-caliber word and, as with any firearm, it should be used with, if not caution, then at least awareness.

And not just as another way to slap down those bitches at the FCC.