FemiLab: B. Hussein Obama thwarts access to OTC emergency contraception, Again, plus other health news

Arm thyself
Homicide and suicide during pregnancy account for more maternal deaths than do obstetric causes.
Ladies, get thee a gun and protect thyself, unless you are planning to use it on yourself, that is. Obstet Gynecol 2011 Nov 118:1056
Women who underwent IVF had excess risk for ovarian malignancies, particularly borderline tumors.
Hum Reprod 2011 Dec 26:3456

And women are forever under Obama’s bus, unless they are looking for a free ride that is.

Women in Ireland get greater access to save and legal abortions; Now, in the U.S., is the time to rid the Republican platform of anti-choice stance


Dear GOP: Please save our country and give up trying to put women back in bondage by messing with Roe v. Wade, which grants a woman her right to dominion over the body God gave her. If you hang on to the evil of attempting to put women in pregnancy bondage, forcing them to procreate when they do no so wish, then there will be NO GOP and the country will not only become Socialist, it will become Communist, and we all know how well that worked out for others.

Obama says those on welfare should be given properity: Mitt and Paul say if you want thrive economically you must earn it, not welfare it


Merriam-Webster: Prosperity: Being Successful, thriving, economic well being.
Obama: "Do we go forward towards a new vision of an America in which prosperity is shared?"
FemiSex answers: We stay with what made us the Greatest nation on earth: We don’t let our non-prosperous starve or die in the streets, but we don’t tell them they are successful when they are essentially parasites, living only because others took the hard-earned route to prosperity.

Newt, Romney and Obama on same abortion page in reality if not speech . and : FDA plans to extend Plan B coverage

It looks very clear that it will be Romney or Gingrich for the GOP ticket and despite all the crap the liberal media will throw at them during the next 11 months both men are pretty middle of the road on abortion. In fact: Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has previously stated that he would support federal funding for abortion and embryonic stem cell research in some cases, the Des Moines Register's "Caucus Insider" reports.

ObamaCare prohibits insurance coverage of abortion for middle class women; House agrees, and women are only now supposed to get upset?

Every 5 seconds, a liberal group is pouring blast emails into my email box about their horror, I tell you HORROR, about the fact that legislation has been passed in the House making it illegeal for women to buy government supplimented health insurance that covers abortion. Hmmmm, where have I heard about this BEFORE? Yes, as we've written many times, it was Barack Hussein Obama who struck this deal with the Catholic Church in 2009: Obama promised to prohibit abortion coverage in insurance plans for middle class women in return for The Church's support of ObamaCare. It worked.

Half of Turkish doctors force young girls legs apart to inspect her virginity status

broken cookie.jpg

In the world of political correctness FemiSex is often asked not to single out the Muslim culture for sexist behaviours. Even BlogHer –a women’s publishing network—has restricted our message on this issue. But injustice can only be corrected with free speech and speech is not defamatory if it is true (or opinion)….thus…we offer this from a recent JAMA study: In Turkey, doctors have been asked by schools and state institutions to verify a female's virginity-with nearly half of Turkish physicians in a survey saying they have performed such examinations.

George Will is an after-born government over-reacher into my free will


Heavy sigh. In the New York Post a week or so ago, George Will wrote a piece on "the dishonest foes of school choice." Will said this: "...conservatives are pro-choice about most things--owning guns, driving SUVs, using incandescent light bulbs, etc.--other than killing pre-born babies." Ahhhha, bawwwa, what a pack of horseshit. Selling forced procreation as something good is bullshit. George Will is the trouble with the Old School Right: they just can't understand women as more than objects--the same as the Current School of Lefties.

Texax forces women to be children; J. Last wants to bring more women into the world to enslave them


From CRR on Texas's attempt treat women like slaves:

This law is one of the most extreme in the country. Doctors will be forced to show a woman her ultrasound, describe the fetal image in detail, and make the sound of its heartbeat audible before she can access an abortion—even if she says NO. It’s extreme and intrusive and it patronizes the women of Texas.

I know you agree that women don’t need politicians in their doctors’ offices force-feeding them anti-choice messages. Plain and simple, this law tells women that they are too incompetent to make important decisions.