class warfare

Shameless Democrats Use Middle Class Spiel to Whack Middle Class

Wander into any hotel and you will see a whole lotta folks who depend upon that hotel to feed their families. From the desk clerk, to the wait staff, to the maids to the managers these people need these jobs as either an entryway into a career or as a means to put food on their tables. But nevermind that when there’s an opportunity for a Democrat to enrich themselves. Top Democrat operative Chris Lehane (who is now working for Airbnb), and David Plouffe (Obama’s political spin master) who is now shucking it for Uber, are telling voters that evil hotels are attacking the middle class.

Obama wants to EAT you, after he sups on those making more than you


We said it to you from the beginning: Obama will double and then triple and then quadruple spending so that it will become a necessity, if the United States of American is to survive, that everyone who pays federal income tax will pay double what they now pay. Obama is a reparations president and overwhelmingly, those who pay federal income taxes are whites. Obama is coming for you, not the so-called rich, who are just his lowest-hanging fruit. We’ve warned about this time and again, and today we have the leader of the Democrat Party saying: Raise Taxes on the Middle Class.