FemiStats: Obama’s Welfare Stats and the Outlook for the US

Obama’s economy Numbers are pretty rotten. Take a look:
Almost a quarter of the U.S. population is now on some form of means-tested welfare program.
Let that sink in for a second: Approximately 25% of people in the United States are dependent upon government to take care of all or some of their daily needs. Wow. And it's gonna get worse if Dems have their way.

Here are some numbers: 21.3 percent people in the U.S. participated in major means-tested government assistance programs each month in 2012, per a recent U.S. Census Bureau report.

Dirty Harry--Sen. Reid and Unions

union Fat Cat.jpg

Fast Fact from Today’s WSJ: Unions outspent businesses by more than 2 to 1 in 2013. If money corrupts, then one would expect Mr. Reid and his colleagues to condemn the "corrupt" influence of unions in politics. And these Democrats presumably would brand liberal billionaire Tom Steyer's pledge to commit his political-action committee to spend $100 million to defeat Republicans in 2014 as especially corrupting—but Mr. Reid has instead welcomed the support.~ Theodore B. Olson

FemiStats: union fat cats; ObamaCaid sticks it to Middle Class; Dems give less to charity; and corrupt jobs numbers

“The average San Jose (CA) police office earned $203,211 in total compensation in 2012.
Cops can retire at age 50 with up to 90% of their final pay.
The average pension for a Ca. Highway Patrol officer is ~$90,000 per year.
Source: WSJ Dec. 1, 2013

But the Dolt taxpayer who funds this fat cat salary isn't gettn zada in pension per month. Time for pension reform!
ObamaCaid hurts those who must pay for insurance without the taxpayer subsidies. Here is a

Media and Democrats teaching young boys to sexually humiliate women is terribly, terribly dangerous


A young boy in Iowa tried to rape his mom after she told him he couldn't play with his violent video game. When he couldn't rape her he killed her. Hmm, I wonder what in our culture makes a young boy want to sexually dominate his mum when she tries to dominate him? I bet he called his mum a bitch when he was pulling off her pants during the assult. Flashback: "I want to rub my father's cock all over Sarah Palin's fat tits~Louis CK on Twitter 2008.

(Per the news story: the cops found mum's body naked from the waist down.)

A Judge, A Misogynist and a Crotch (CNN Crotch Talk with Anderson Cooper and Misogynist Kathy Griffen)

Anyone who knows me knows that I have many problems with religion, on a continuum. Islam is at the far end of that continuum and the Protestant faith (not evangelical) at the other end. Both screw women in varying degrees. In her book Nomad, Ayaan Hirsi Ali reminds us that while the Prophet Muhammad didn’t invent polygamy he did for it (to followers of Islam) what Jesus did for Grace to his followers—namely made it a hugely popular belief in the culture.

Community Colleges are the open path to advancement for youth that has yet to achieve; Four year colleges must be earned admission

This week the Times wrote about falling numbers of blacks admitted to the City University of New York’s four-year colleges after most of those schools demanded better entry testing for all comers. The Times notes that once minimum test score requirements fell into place, the percentage of blacks at those four-year colleges fell from 17% to 10%. Well, as usual the Times is missing the point. The point is not what happens at four year schools but what happens at two-year community colleges--

What do Barack Obama and Keith Olbermann have in common? Just about everything


H/t to DRT. Tim Russert, Christopher Hitchens and Keith Olbermann have all been placed on FemiSex Deathwatch (in the spirit of one started for Hillary) and guess what: yes, Tim is gone, Christopher is gone, Keith is gone once from MSNBC and now he's imploding with his bud Al Gore at Current TV.