Obama Brushed off Hillary, Hillary Brushes off (GOP) or Half the Country, Dumb Bunny Media gets Hard

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It just cracks me up to see super-stupid liberal media gettn’ all super-stupid. For example, remember when Obama did his vomit-inducing “brush Hillary off my shoulder like she’s just useless lint” move in 2008? Yeah, anyone with an IQ over 10 who followed that election recalls that pathetic moment. (We’ve captured it for you, in both pic and video, in case you don’t recall—but FemiSex readers are very smart, so we’re only doing this for archival purposes.)

It’s the Color of your Ticket not your Skin: FemiSex Congratulates black Americans Mia Love and Tim Scott, (and others!) in their history making wins last night!

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I wonder just how great it feels to be Mia Love this morning. She is the first black female elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. Women who dare to get uppity and toss off the Democrat mandate that women must be Blue—remember of our 20 XX US Senators, 80% are Democrats—are brave souls. The media is severely biased against women who run as Republicans. Mia Love is looking like a star.

Women in Ireland get greater access to save and legal abortions; Now, in the U.S., is the time to rid the Republican platform of anti-choice stance


Dear GOP: Please save our country and give up trying to put women back in bondage by messing with Roe v. Wade, which grants a woman her right to dominion over the body God gave her. If you hang on to the evil of attempting to put women in pregnancy bondage, forcing them to procreate when they do no so wish, then there will be NO GOP and the country will not only become Socialist, it will become Communist, and we all know how well that worked out for others.

Obama knows the Paycheck Fairness Act is HOT air and so does the New York Times, but pssst don't tell those dumb women


Would it surprise you to hear this:

“The [Paycheck Fairness Act] bill pushed by the Obama Administration fails to address any of the central reasons that women are paid less than men.”

?? Well, it might shock you that it was the Liberal New York Times that wrote that sentence this month. The Times did note that Obama is pushing the bill hard--O is saying it is the answer to getting equal pay for equal work.

Obama and Jesus and Big retro-gressive liberal media—all part of THE Boy’s ONLY club.


I canceled my long-time subscription to the New Yorker this year and here is a great example of why:

He {Obama} was telling voters: This election is not just about me, or even primarily about me; it’s about protecting the country from a bunch of crazed ideologues. As it happens, the charges Obama levelled at his political enemies were largely true.

Doonesbury Strip Cartoon cracks fun of GOP and DNC misogyny--If ONLY!


So, Doonesbury has a nice contraception cartoon up; but if only he'd do the DNC version. We'll help you out here: first box of cartoon:DNC worker: "Young lady, I'm a liberal Obama supporter working for Obama's re-elections campaign." Young Lady: "yes?" Next cartoon box: Obot "Would this be your first visit to a Republican event?" Young Lady: "No, I've been a Republican for a while now." Next cartoon box: Obot: "I see. So do your parents know you are a SLUT, Whore, Cunt, White Bitch?" Young Lady: "Wow, so great to know I'm allowed to be fucked by Democrat men and not have to pay for it."

Did you hear the one about the prostitute and the Republican?


Ever notice how some women are more worthy than others? What do cops and liberal dude media have in common?

When a Manhattan prostitute cried rape in 2006, cops at first did not believe her, leaving the rapist free to rape a second woman two years later.
Investigators initially did little legwork on the prostitute's case -- even though she'd immediately given them Rios' license plate and his DNA, both defense lawyers and prosecutors conceded in closing arguments.

Good Riddance to James Dobson! Now: It’s time for an Overhaul of the Red Party

will there ever be male female balance?

Guest writer: Ms. Southern Magpie
It is delightful the hoary James Dobson is leaving Focus on the Family; now it is time for the GOP to return to its fiscal side and leave off on the social narrowism. It is time for an overhaul of the GOP. And really, how about a return to the Party that allowed women the vote! Let’s all remember it was a Republican Congress that allowed the 19th Amendment to sail thru passage!
And it was Republicans who put the Equal Rights Amendment in their platform in the 40s.