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Dear Hillary: It Takes Deferred Gratification NOT my Tax Dollars

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“I’m more convinced than ever that our future in the 21st century depends on our ability to ensure that a child born in the hills of Appalachia or the Mississippi Delta or the Rio Grande Valley grows up with the same shot at success that [my granddaughter] Charlotte will,” ~Hillary Clinton.

FemiSex says: A) that’s not realistic unless every child born can call you up for a personal job referral, receive a HUGE trust fund, and inherit a political dynasty and power connections.

Hillary’s Email Debacle Mirrors Obama IRS Email Debacle—Democrat Media to BLAME

Democrat media protects arrogant Obama

There is virtually no doubt that Obama knew of and sanctioned the use of the IRS to punish Americans whose political views clashed with their own. Let that soak in for a second. WOW! That is the TOTAL breakdown of democracy. Then Obama comes on TV and has the GALL to tell the nation: the IRS did nothing wrong, not “a smidgeon of corruption.” Stonewalling, deleting emails, destroying hard drives, refusing to answer to Congress. Only an imbecile would believe Obama’s smidgeon lies. Sadly that is what we have in Democrat MSM—imbeciles.

Looks Like, Sadly, Barack Obama was Correct: those who slander Islam will have no future. Shame on you Barky

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Obama, who along with Hillary Clinton, blamed the murderous rampage in Benghazi on free speech, is a jackass. When both Hillary and Obama allowed that making a video was a just cause for violence, then that sort of violence will grow. And Yes, their actions re the video did allow for just that.

FemiSex once supported Hillary Clinton for POTUS. In fact, this site was born during the end of her failed primary season against Barack Hussein Obama. But once a fan, doesn't mean blind to her dangerous turnabouts under Obama.

From Red State.com

Why is the media so invested in covering up for Obama's lies? video


The Leftist Media always knows how to pull the wool over the eyes of the low-information voter. For example, this week the AP reported on a Bipartisan senate report on Benghazi that found Obama and Hillary could have prevented the al-Qaida-linked terrorist attack that happened on the anniversary of 9/11. But in the Leftist reporting of the AP, ever intent on protecting Obama,…

the fact that Obama LIED to the nation repeatedly about the attack and it’s provenance is nicely covered up, Candy Crowley-style.

Read for yourself, from the AP story this week:

Barbara Morgan calls Weiner intern slutbag; NOTE to NY: DO NOT EVER HIRE Misogynist Morgan!


You know her. You work with her. You live next door to her. You shop in the same stores; share the same bus ride; wave at a charity event at her or cross paths with her at the food pantry or Walmart. She is THAT woman. That woman, who is very likely a Democrat. She doesn’t tolerate other women unless the other woman comes in a pre-approved package, speaking pre-approved words, living a pre-approved life. If you don’t hew HER line, then she calls you a slutbag, a fucking twat, or a cunt. She is every Democrat woman who called Palin a slut and Hillary a whore. She is your number one enemy.

Hillary Clinton says "what does it matter?" Doctors around the country can now breathe easier

Guest post by Dr. Not Accountable -- Hillary whom I supported in her 2008 bid for the presidency of the United States of America has flabbergasted me with an astounding display of for thee but not me-ism.

Why do so-called liberal feminists refuse to demand more power for women?


Eleanor Clift is a dipwad and only more so when she recently said (in True fauxliberal feminist fashion) that the reason Congress was not made up of 50% female politicians is because women have: get ready for it: "better things to do." Snicker my fritz what a woman, what a gal Friday Eleanor is to her boy Obama. YUCK. Women can't get to 50% in Congress because imbicle bigots like Eleanor attack with sexism and raw hatred any women of the Red variety who tries to get the Republican side of the aisle a bit more gender blended.