kathleen sebelius

Electronic medical records run costs UP not down and threaten your privacy

Every day the news for ObamaCare just gets worse. As we reported a few days ago, much of the supposed savings that was to come from ObamaCare is now reversed and the cost estimates are soaring. And before you watch the video below, which should scare the daylights out of you, let’s talk about electronic health records. FemiSex has long warned that the supposed cost savings of electronic medical records is as much myth as anything and, in fact, for those of us who have worked as health care providers, a likely effect would be to drive up costs. Well, guess what?

A huge portion of ObamaCare found to be unworkable by Obama's own administration and media silent.


The front page of the NYTimes on Sat did not cover the HUGE news story that broke late Friday. Sunday it was absent as well. Monday (today) nada. It only takes a 2nd grade reading level to figure out the story was not covered by the Times (or most big liberal media outlets) because it is a big ol’ negative for Obama. The story: Obama has had to say uncle on a large portion of ObamaCare (CLASS Act) because there is no way to make it work, cost wise.
From The HILL: