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Democrats Dirty War on Women—aka on ABC, NBC, CBS as whores, sluts, bitches


When a black person is killed by a white person (rare occurrence) it is relentless coverage by Democrat MSM, blaring headers of racism.

When a white person is killed by a black person (common occurrence) it is a non-story, delegated to one off coverage, if that. Race of killer is not most often not mentioned.

When a white woman is raped by a black man (common occurrence), race is almost never mentioned.

When a black woman is raped by a white male (extremely rare occurrence) the Democrat MSM salivates and indicts before facts know.

Things to Ponder: Cheney Family Values vs. the NYT’s Pro-Rape Values

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Why is it that the odious Mike Tyson is not called so by the NYTimes? In Nov. of last year the Times did a cover story in their Arts section on the convicted rapist Tyson, titling it “Baddest Man on the Planet, and His Vulnerable Side.” The fact that he brutally raped an 18-year old Miss Black America contestant, and showed no remorse is not eveb mentioned on the front page of the Times story—written, astonishingly, to help Tyson promote his new book!

Law & Order, Special Victims Unit Fucks ALL Women with a Mike Tyson rape subsidy


Let’s see if we’ve got this right…Mike Tyson, convicted rapist and notorious misogynist, tonight was a “special guest star” on Law & Order, Special Victims Unit—a unit that exists to bring rapists to justice. How, we ask, is paying a convicted rapist big bucks of any help to women, and doesn’t that fully demean rape victims, saying in essessence that rape is not so bad of a crime after all? The answers: no help at all and yes it demeans every women raped ever. Fuck YOU NBC and Dick Wolf, creator of the Law & Order. Mike Tyson should be flipping burgers not flipping off women.

Meet the Meanies & Bigots in Media, From Roland Martin of CNN and Mike Moss of ESPN and more!

Yes, it is true, CNN’s black masher Roland Martin is suspended for telling his fans to put the beat on dudes who liked seeing David Beckham in his skivvies. Now, the thing is, violence against gays is a real thing and just last week Drudge posted a video of black men beating on a small black dude and yelling anti-gay stuff at him during the beat down.

A devil faggot bigot, Stephen Hanks calls Sarah Palin a devil whore--Video

Mike Tyson suggests raping Sarah Palin with a donkey and ESPN host Mitch Moss roars with laughter. Next up: will ESPN bring on a guest to suggest putting a nice fat rope around Tyson's neck while he does a tree swing and get a tape of ESPN radio show host Mitch Moss roaring with laughter at the thought of a public lynching of Mike Tyson? Below is a video of a gay male calling Britol Palin a bitch and her mother a devil whore. The bigot freak misogynist is left to sit at the bar--he is not bounced out of there. Mike Moss still works at ESPN and Mike Tyson will be welcomed back.

Mike Tyson dreams of seeing Michelle Obama get donkeyfucked

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Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has plenty to say about what he thinks is appropriate treatment of black women by white men and recommended black women get donkeyfucked and ripped apart by white men. In an interview on the radio show “Gridlock” on KWWN, ESPN’s Las Vegas affiliate, Tyson took a few shots at Michelle Obama boasting about interracial sex and the allegation that Michelle Obama had an affair with actor and comic Billy Crystal.