Muslim Misogyy

#Watch4Women by HRW is Laudable but Misses Bigger Picture of Muslim Cultures Saturated in Sexism and Misogyny


Well, friends, Looks like Human Rights Watch is upset because gals can’t watch a soccer match in Iran. #Watch4Women. Color us dumbfounded. Really, women in a Muslim country lacking basic human rights? Really? Hurry up, someone, please call up Ben Affleck and let him know what’s REALLY gross. But where is HRW when you need them, say to protest the fact that men in Muslim countries often have more than one wife, …

Hey Ben Affleck, you idiot, wanna know what’s “gross”? Female Genital Mutilation is Gross, and it’s a piece of the Culture of Islam, as is Systemic Misogyny

Hollywood and Ben Affleck ignore Muslim Misogyny

More than 125 million women have been mutilated in 29 countries in Africa and the Middle East, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), which condemns the practice as a “violation of the human rights” of women.~ Express Tribune w the International NYTimes.
Read this story of girls who had to go into hiding from their own Muslim families so they wouldn’t be castrated by a culture that seethes misogyny from its pores.