93% of murder suspects are black and Hispanic --media silent. Wapo op-ed: "If {blacks} were commiting mass shootings...articles would flood the media. HA

Let’s talk racial statistics for just one city: New York. In 2010, 93% of murder suspects were either black or Hispanic. The victims: 536 murder victims in NYC in 2010. Blacks who are 25% of NYC population accounted for 67% of those killed
The Killers:
61% of murder suspects are black
32% of murder suspects are Hispanic
4% of murder suspects are white
3% of murder suspects are Asian
More than 84% had prior arrests


In 2010, minorities accounted for 79% of murder arrests in the entire state of New York. (remember, New York State is a lot less minority driven outside of New York City.)

Let’s talk one weekend of violence in New York City: 48 shootings in one weekend, and, if not wholly committed my men of color, odds on are that 99% of these shootings were done minority men.

Next let’s look at a recent befuddlement written by Missy Charlotte and Harriet Childress—sisters in denial.

In the Washington Post, this Dumb Duo actually wrote:

“Imagine if African American men and boys were committing mass shootings month after month, year after year. Articles and interviews would flood the media and we’d have political debates demanding that African Americans be ‘held accountable’.”

This is one of those WTF moments. Huh? Imagine black men not being held to account for their disproportionate share in the killing of other human beings.

The media absolutely HIDES the fact that every day, week, month, year blacks are committing mass shootings, that they are the majority in terms percentage by race of who commits the most murders, rapes, and other violence in this country.

Then the poor sad duo that is Harriet Childress and Charlotte Childress wonder… why school kids are not learning more about the history of African Americans in their classrooms in greater detail. Ok, dear Missy Harriet, and Charlotte, that is all well and good, but if your going to really and honestly do this we have to talk about the violence that has become the history of African Americans in our society compared to other races. Can you see a class honestly talking about the black family breakdown over the past 50 years and the violence that has resulted, in part, from that breakdown. HA. No. Won’t happen. And can you imagine teaching young girls that ~85% of rapes are committed by black and Hispanic men in some cities?

The current fact is that terrorism is likely done by Muslims and rape and murder is more likely by minority men.

But the New York Times and other major media did not talk today about the Islam Problem and terrorism. They still want to talk about the terrible that it is to be White. And they will never talk about the mass violence that is committed by minority men in this country and they won’t even warn women as to the race of a on-the-loose rapist if he’s black. Why? Why? Watch your local news. Three men in ball caps and tee shirts –robbed, raped, killed, beat, take your pick of the crime—but God forbid they tell the vulnerable public that the suspects in such cases are black or Hispanic males. Something is wrong with this picture.

Not one Sunday show focused on the radical Islam that aims to bring this country low. Not one. They talked about everything else, including gun control measures that will ONLY take guns out of the hands of those who need to protect themselves. Remember: ONLY ONE WOMAN WAS ARRESTED FOR SHOOTING HER VICTIM. One.

And where is the care for the millions of women who if they had guns to protect themselves, might not become victims? Nowhere to be found in Major Anti-women Liberal Media.

I care about every young black child who is on the path to violence, but the only way to block that path is honest talk about the black community.

Last night we went to see a movie The Place Beyond the Pines: typical Hollywood, spin. It is the black man is the fine father and the white males who are not. More on this latter, but I say to you: this pretense is going to further hurt black kids whose dads are the most likely to abandon them.



http://articles.washingtonpost.com/2013-03-29/opinions/38124057_1_white-... Nonsense by the sistas


I think you are only looking

I think you are only looking at the situation from your point of view. Try to see the situation from an innocent black male. I have committed no wrong. I follow the law. But, due to the actions of others, I am already suspected of committing a crime everywhere I go. That is unfair.

That is unfair but there is

That is unfair but there is ONLY one way to change that, and you know what it is. The black culture of dependency will only make certain the cycle of unfairness continues. Blacks must tell blacks to get their shit right. Stop with the woe is me and start with yelling at the top of your lungs to your black community to make the right choices in life that end cycle of dependency for all you opt to make those right choices.

I'm stereotyped all the time for being a woman. I don't get violent about it do I? Nope. I have the same expectation of blacks. The bullshit violence has got to go. period end of story.

A brave journalist documents

A brave journalist documents black on white crime epidemic

Well done. How could anyone

Well done. How could anyone write that black men are not committing mass murder "month after month, year after year."? Seriously. Have these stupid sisters been living in a cave somewhere since 1960?

100% media black out on Black

100% media black out on Black murderers percentage wise

And the staggering figures on black on white violence vs. white on black violence is a 110% media shut up.

White men rarely rape black women but black men often rape white women. hush little girls (black, white and Hispanic, and Asian, don't you cry, and don't tell anyone that risk you face from black men

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