A giant step forward for blacks and settng the record straight on Ann Nixon Cooper's right to vote

Today FemiSex congratulates black America. A black president is a victory for your race and quite frankly a victory for America as a whole. That the man was Barack Obama is far less of a victory. Mr. Obama has never proven himself to be a man of any earned distinction. Indeed, "Rev." Wright, he has NEVER had to work twice as hard to prove himself. That is something for another segment of the population. But Mr. Obama has one essential thing: ambition. It has served him well. For men this is admirable and a key to success, for women........
we send readers to this line item on Palin I culled from a Time magazine cover story titled: "The Education of Sarah Palin"
-----excerpt from Time story:
“John Stein….he had no idea that he was about to become the first casualty of {Palin’s} ambitions.”
Femisex clarifies:
Mr. Stein had been mayor of Wasilla for nine years; Sarah Palin succeeded him in that position. Time finds poor Mr. Stein to be a casualty of Bitch ambition. Obama's path to the WH is littered with causulties of his ambitions; but the Media tells us this is OK--they even gush about his ability to see how races need be won.

One rule for the girls, another for the boys. Meek acceptance? Our call.
Fact check on Mr. Obama’s acceptance speech:
Obama's words:
"…Ann Nixon Cooper is 106 years old.
She was born just a generation past slavery; a time when there were no cars on the road or planes in the sky; when someone like her couldn't vote for two reasons - because she was a woman and because of the color of her skin.”
Femisex reminds Mr. Obama that it was her sex, not race that prevented her vote, legally.

Femisex reminds Mr. Obama (a constitutional lawyer no less) that it was the 15th Amendment of 1870 that gave black men the right to vote.

FemiSex reminds Mr. Obama that is was on the back of white women’s fight for voting rights for BOTH blacks and women that won black men the right to vote in 1870. (Women were told to step aside and wait and wait and wait.) But....no one came to get us.
Femisex reminds Mr. Obama that Women had to wait—wait 50 years for their right to vote. Women had to fight for themselves, alone, to win their equality rights.


Have you forgotten about poll

Have you forgotten about poll taxes that effectively stifled the black vote until the 1960's?

Your view of history is a page out of the white male play book. Good job.

wow, bring up the fact the

wow, bring up the fact the women were denied the right to vote 50 yrs before black men and one is a racist!

*****there is a large difference between Constitutional acceptance and myriad other laws--for that one see Roe v. Wade vs the 600 odd state laws intro'd q yr to keep women from repro freedom--poll taxes as it is to repro freedom.

now here is something to Scream your head off about--a black man will get more $ and higher status in workplace than a women with same education! YELL LOUD about my racism in that statement!
yelling racsim to keep women from talking about women's 2nd class status will NOT work on this site!

Women are the MOST

Women are the MOST discriminated group on the planet. But women think they must fight every battle but their own!
silly season indeed!

I am happy that a black (part

I am happy that a black (part black, purple or whatever) man has the opportunity to become president. I just can't stomach that such a misogynistic "minority" man made it. Let's hope that we do not have to wait perhaps 50 years before we see a female president.

You brought up excellent

You brought up excellent topics! Truth be told Femisex is becoming my daily boost of sanity in these insane times against women. Watching women rip Palin apart based on her sex was almost more than I could stomach most days. I now doubt Hillary can run in 2012, but, who knows. Keep this up Femisex. Even if just for little ol' me.

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