A man describes the gang rape of a non-person human --the media eggs him on!

Montel Misogyny

They had her down on the bench and the bitch tried to kick 'Tweak' (one of the men) in the nuts," said one young man, who said he had a first-hand account of the attack from Smith but was afraid of being named. "He went off on her, started hitting her, and then it was on. They pulled a train (a gang initiation-style rape, one after the other) on her." ~SF Chronicle

The word bitch is used to dehumanize the female. The above is an eyewitness account of the rape of the Richmond female as told to a reporter (who btw, is excellent at his job) at the San Francisco Chronicle. link below

As women on the blogosphere wring their hands and wonder, my o my, how COULD this happen, I give you this:

It is here. {it being a woman}
The witch is on her broom.
You are a poisonous bitch, a monster.

These are all actually words used in a “light-hearted” comedy “The Proposal” starring Sandra Bullock who is precise and demanding in her job. That is her crime; for that she is reduced to IT status, Monster status, poisonous bitch status. Told, because she has fired a man who is overly-smitten with himself and unable to deliver at work, that she is destined to die alone. All for fun Ms. Bullock is reduced to IT status.


Note in the above true-life scenario what happened to the girl the moment she fought back, who acted not demure but ferocious in her attempt to keep a male from doing what he felt entitled to do—anything he pleased. She was immediately consumed.

Oh my, oh dear these men are monsters...so goes the echos on many 3rd wave women’s blogs. There is the Mommy thing to do: send money so this poor ruined --yes her life and every relationship she ever has will effectively be tainted by this brutality—girl can “heal.”

But where are the LOUD and united calls to demand from our culture an end to media tolerated dehumanization of our women? Instead we seem to think there is nothing to be done but send flowers or a check. Or in the worst cases, ignore the attack because minority men were involved.

Teh movie "True Lies" came on TV a while back; I jotted notes: in one segment Big Arnold, hero, is flirting with a woman as his CIA men in a car listen in. Here are some lines:

Ditch the Bitch,
2 minutes and she’s ready to bear his children
I’ve got my hand up her dress and I’m going in.

This is entitlement by male and dehumanization of female. Isn’t it ironic that media loves to portray women as “entitled creatures, callous and unhuman” --if they are not mired in poverty that is—when in fact our society has one enduring message to men: you are entitled to treat women as ITs. In fact a recent study found that when men looked at pretty young girls in bathing suits the part of their brain associated with the use of tools lit up!

Sandra Bullock should be totally shame-faced that she allowed herself to be party to bigotry. And tonight, channel surfing, I came across the most horrendous movie: "Knocked Up." Beautiful woman fall for unattractive guy who is little more than a dope head. Yeah there’s that tired message that no woman is beyond the scope of any man….and that an abortion is out of the question, indoctrination snore. But the writers also had a female character say:
“Am I hotter than these little bitches?”

Why in God’s name do women allow themselves to be used in this fashion? “These little bitches” just furthers the idea that women are things, not fully human and should be called the equivalent of the N word …because, in this case, they are ...gasp ...young. I guess being under the age of 40 is also cause for bitch now.

Now I shall leave you with something a conservative on the Mclaughlin Group said this morning. He wondered if the liberals were out to dehumanize (my word, I think he said attack) Rep. Michele Bachmann in the manner they did to Palin and Hillary. He gave as an example a quote by Montel Williams who said:

WILLIAMS (1:30:32): Michelle, slit your wrist.
Go ahead... or, do us all a better thing [sic].
Move that knife up about two feet.
Start right at the collarbone.

I had to google Montel Williams, but evidently he is liberal black male on Air America, the liberal talk radio that has become little more than a misogyny outpost. (see, Randi Rhodes also Air America sexist rants.)

So perhaps Montel would like us to offer him a rope? Just enough to hang himself? From a tree? Only thing is we just don’t lynch uppity blacks anymore, but we do gang rape uppity women who have the nerve to fight back, physically or rhetorically. Women are proscribed from fighting. Remember that a misogynist woman, Samantha Powers, called Senator Clinton a "monster" because she went to battle against her better--a man. (Powers left the Obama campaign post remark, but Obama brought her right back as an advisor post election.)

This liberal hate for women HAS GOT TO STOP! But ladies, it ain’t going anywhere if women don’t demand it. Sending flowers just ain’t gonna do it!

I leave you with this very fine line from Kevin Fagan’s excellent piece in the Chronicle:

But as much as anything, the attack stems from the way the roughest young men treat women, Johnson and the others say. And this is a problem that extends far beyond the East Bay campus' borders.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/11/01/MNR41ACRGU.D...

Yes, it is all over our prime time TV, national liberal radio, print media and liberal blogs. Respect starts at home and women need to demand that NOW.
Montel spouting hate:



I watched my aunt wither and

I watched my aunt wither and die after battling multiple sclerosis for 15 years. Bravery and gentle soul do not compute with KILL HER. I wonder if gentle Montel would suggest a male candidate slit his throat? You are right Montel is dehumanizing a woman for cheap theater.

I've been thinking about this

I've been thinking about this language problem since the early Sixties, so this will be a long comment. We need new, gender neutral words to describe a person who is obnoxious, evil, etc. 'Bastard' and 'son of a bitch' are words often used for a man but they reflect badly on the guy's mother, saying that his mother 'got herself pregnant' out of wedlock or that his mother was a 'bitch.'

If we call men 'pricks,' we give them justification for calling us 'cunts,' a word used far too often by many 3rd wavers trying to keep up with the boyz. So I say that feminists should stop using all these words, and other words referring to genitalia, and tell those who do use them that they're being sexist.

Profanity is so essential to the informal part of our culture that words like 'jerk' and 'fool' have no power today, but maybe we could re-empower them. I remember when profanity was not used on radio or tv or in much printed material. "The Catcher in the Rye" was controversial because of the profanity Holden Caulfield used, though it was pretty typical of teenaged boys of the day. Only sleazy guys used anything more profane than 'hell' and 'damn' in front of girls, though. We also knew not to use profanity in front of our parents or teachers, though we heard it from our parents. That has all changed and it will be difficult to return to those halcyon days.

Pain in the ass/arse' and 'asshole/arsehole' are fairly gender neutral as they refer to any human being with a digestive tract, even though they are, in my experience, applied more often to men. 'Shithead' and other excrement-related pejoratives are also fairly gender neutral but more often applied to men. An entirely new insult would be preferable, I think, or perhaps we could revive an old one, say one from Shakespeare, if we can find one that is not gender-specific. Perhaps someone reading this will have the perfect word(s) to use as replacements for the sexist and misogynistic insults.

If women could come to an agreement on terms of insult that are acceptable, we could work collectively to change the language. We have more power than we realize, particularly if we ally ourselves on this issue with conservative women. As long as feminism is seen as looking down on conservative values, we're slamming the door on a lot of women who agree with us about the deterioration of language and civility in our society, about the need to be serious about rape as a serious, violent crime not just 'boys will be boys,' about a safer, nicer society for their children. There are issues that women can agree on regardless of their political views, as we just saw with all the GOP women senators voting with the Democrats for the Franken amendment.

Suggestions of violence such as Montel made or such as Olbermann made, about somebody taking Hillary in a room and only one of them coming out, must be stopped. We have to stand up to the media. Any objectification of women should be opposed. So should objectification of men, of course, but it's rare. As you might guess from my user name, I've heard one too many 'dumb blonde' jokes. How many 'dumb blond' jokes about blond men have you heard? Right.

'Dumb blonde' jokes are sometimes funny but so were 'dumb Polack' jokes, 'nigger' jokes, 'fag' jokes, etc., within my lifetime. Why are those now politically incorrect but jokes about 'dumb blondes' and 'women drivers' still accepted?

I get what you are saying and

I get what you are saying and I started to think up a word to replace bitch and then it hit me. We didn't think up a word to replace boy, or nigger or jungle monkey, we just stopped using those words.

If I don't approve of someone of color I have learned how to say so without a racially demeaning remark. The English language is great that way, all those descriptive words.

Smart Blonde, you are so

Smart Blonde, you are so correct in your thinking, but you failed to go to the vulgar extremes that are the most common derogation of women in our culture today: the word "sucks" (used commonly by both males and females) and the gesture of giving someone the finger.

Anyone who attended parochial elementary school learned that "gosh darn it" meant "God damn it," and that other such shorthand was common in the vernacular. There was a push to know the true meanings hidden in street language, especially if those true meanings were in any way offensive to God. Of course, the teachers taught the students to not use such language.

When my daughters came home in middle school using the word "sucks," I talked them out of using that word with a very plain description of what the word "sucks" was referring to, which is oral sex on a penis. Needless to say, my daughters were shocked and horrified, because the word had such common usage among their classmates in the public school setting.

It shocks me that both men and women use the word "sucks" in such a derogatory fashion when oral sex is presumably a pleasurable experience for both the giver and the receiver, and can certainly be an honest expression of intimate love by the giver. Why sully such a beautiful thing? Yet our common vernacular language has done just that, and the derogation is either strongly against females or is strongly against gays.

In the case of "the finger," I am just flabbergasted and dismayed. Anyone who has ever properly pleasured a woman or who has observed a woman pleasure herself knows exactly what "the finger" is referring to, and our culture has made that wonderful thing the ugliest, nastiest, and most profane universal gesture of hatred that there is. It is terribly, terribly sad, and it reveals just how deep-rooted and pervasive misogyny is in America today — so deep-rooted and so pervasive that even women themselves have unwittingly become misogynists against their very selves.

The language — including gestures like "the finger" — is very powerful, both in decisive overt attack and in insidious evil undermining. If you do not control the language you use, the language will control you — sadly, too often to your own detriment.

Profanity should be used sparingly like a weapon of last resort. Only then will it pack a punch that will be memorable in proving a point.

I highly recommend three books:
The Lonely Soldier: The Private War of Women Serving in Iraq
By Helen Benedict, Copyright 2009

This Common Secret: My Journey as an Abortion Doctor
By Susan Wicklund, Copyright 2007

Unprotected: A Campus Psychiatrist Reveals How Political Correctness in Her Profession Endangers Every Student
By Miriam Grossman (aka: Anonymous, M.D.), Copyright 2007

If those three books together cannot raise someone's consciousness regarding misogyny in America, nothing will. The problem is much deeper than many (most) people acknowledge.

Again, a very important part of my solution is this:

Steven A. Sylwester

Oh, Montel Williams is the

Oh, Montel Williams is the brave television personality who has MS and everyone loves him for being such a gentle and brave soul.

This is another excellent piece about why it is imperative that women stop calling each other bitches!!! We have to be the first to stop this addiction and the first to demand that men stop, too.

Of course this is hard when 3rd wavers seem to use this word more than any other! That, and "agency", so I learned at Femisex.

Montel Williams was diagnosed

Montel Williams was diagnosed with MS about 10 years ago. I think his outrage is based on hearing someone else talk disparagingly about healthcare in general.

Feministing drove me away

Feministing drove me away with that agency word. They would insist that asking women to refrain from call themselves the b word would take agency from women. Funny really, they'd probably say the same if women started to remove their fingers one by one. Don't tell women it's harmful to self to de-finger, or you will take agency from women. Very deluded thinking if you ask me.

oh boy, I just checked into

oh boy, I just checked into our tweets and see good news! Reclusive Leftist has joined the call for the Richmond case to be a hate crime!


Folks The New Agenda has a

Folks The New Agenda has a nice piece up on The Daily Beast on the gang rape and takes a pro-active stand!


If you see other great sites on this issue bring em on!

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