Barack Obama as the NO Solution president; makes the case for n-O more years!


Medicare unchecked is our road to Greece for certain. No one of any intellect disputes that. And yet, this from WAPO: "Democratic strategists make no secret of their belief that Medicare amounts to their political silver bullet in 2012." And don't be fooled by "Democrat strategists." Obama is the leader of that tribe. So, what we have in Obama is a fool who is willing to play slap n' tickle with this country's existential future in order to get himself re-seated at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. That, my friends, is the VERY definition of Third Word Corrupt Government.

By now it is VERY clear that Obama is a no solution president. He has one main agenda: spend and spend and spend until the country is in such dire straights that insurance companies need government bailouts so that Obama and his ilk can step in and Europeanize America. And then of course demand that 30% of the country pay the bills for 70%. (Currently 50% pay the bills for the other 50%.)

So last Nov. it was of interest to me, as my clownish Senator Chuck ECheese Schumer from NY blasted out emails that mean ol' Republicans wanted to END Medicaid.

What strikes me as a former Democrat is I always believed that Dems were open to solutions. But in the age of Obama the only thing Democrats (especially the King Henchman himself, Obama) are interested in is class warfare and ducking any tough stand or policy that will actually solve anything.

Democrats keep saying they will play ball if only the tax rate is increased but how stupid do they really think Repub are (you know that 50% who are the bill payers for the Dems' spending sprees)?

Every year Democrats in my VERY Blue state vote to raise my taxes and every year there are no real cuts to any thing.

And America has been waiting since the days of Ronnie's presidency for cuts the Dems promised to that president some 25 years ago.

Last Nov. as ChuckyCheese Senator Shchumer was blasting me with emails, the Times wrote an itty bitty story on page A20 that jumped to A24 in short order titled: Support Builds for a Plan to Rein in Medicare Costs.

Here is an excerpt:

President Obama: “The major driver of our long-term liabilities, everybody here knows, is Medicare and Medicaid and our health care spending. Nothing comes close.”

So then Why....for God's sake is this clown of a President
running away from his own deficit commission?

Instead from Wapo this is O's big idea to salvage Medicare from Ruin:

[Obama's]changes — eliminating waste, making prescriptions more affordable etc — to the program,

That's it folks! And what exactly does that mean? Eliminating waste? If there is so much waste why in God's name has he not spent the past three years getting rid of waste? Because that is a no go. Waste means that at the end of your life you decide to stay in the hospital for a few weeks instead of going home and dying more quickly. How's that gonna happen, exactly? Obama coming to your bedside and haul your 85 year-old ass out on the street. (~40% of all Medicare costs occur during the last year of a person's life.)

As for reforming Medicare-- as we MUST do to save the country--Bill Clinton's former budget director has come out in favor of what Republicans are suggesting but Obama won't hear a word of this!
From the Times:

Alice M. Rivlin, who was budget director for President Bill Clinton, had urged the deficit panel to establish an insurance exchange for Medicare beneficiaries. Private plans would compete with the traditional Medicare program and would have to provide at least the same benefits. The federal contribution in each region would be based on the cost of the second-cheapest option, whether that was a private plan or traditional Medicare.

So Obama is a spend and DO nothing to Fix president and that is a path to disaster. I truly hope Mitt is in in 2012 because we can't afford another 4 years. All political crap aside this is a do or die moment in America History.

post script--
A reader this week wondered what Hillary would have done differently with Health Care Reform. Big Q that we hit on a bit in that post's comments section but also here in that we know that Ms. Rivlin is also a fan of block grants to Medicaid to help lower our debt burden. Hillary would be listening to this woman and not making a case for her second term out of beating up on the very things we need to do as a country to fix what is broken. Obama is the most divisive man in the history of U.S. presidents and that is borne out by polling numbers not just this commentary.



It's amazing. O has zerO

It's amazing. O has zerO plans to fix the economy. Punish the performers, reward the layabouts. This is a very good example of his non-solution presidency. He is all about sowing hatred of white success with his class warfare. I'm so over this bozO.

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