FemiStats: Catalyst finds women n0t offered "hot jobs"; refuses to demand an end to Don't Trust the Bitch in Apt.23 sexism that leads to women not being offered "hot jobs"

Ah the Pay gap. "Women get fewer of the high visibility, mission-critical roles and international experiences—the so-called “hot jobs”—that are key to getting ahead at global companies."~Catalyst
They have a new report out telling us the same thing we already know (yeah, I love Catalyst, but they never get to the root of the problem, which is the Hillary/Palin issues, bitch or bimbo, trap that liberal media hits women with ALL the time, especially women who DARE to think apart from orthodoxy.

But it is worth reporting their key study findings:

High-visibility projects, mission-critical roles, and international experiences are hallmarks of “hot jobs” that predict advancement. Yet Catalyst findings show that women get fewer of these “hot jobs” than men.

62 percent of respondents said high-profile assignments that gave them leadership experience had the greatest impact on their careers, while only 10 percent cited formal training programs as most impactful.

Men reported leading projects with bigger budgets (more than twice the size of women’s), larger teams (more than three times as many staff), that posed higher risk to the company (30% of men vs. 22% of women), and had more C-suite visibility (35% of men vs. 26% of women).

Men reported having roles with more critical responsibility—for profit and loss (56% of men vs. 46% of women), management of direct reports (77% of men vs. 70% of women), and budgets over $10 million (30% of men vs. 22% of women).

International assignments predict advancement, and women get fewer than men—but not because they’re unwilling to relocate. Of those most willing, more men than women got those assignments (35% vs. 26%), and more women than men were never offered the opportunity (64% vs. 55%).

More men than women got “hot jobs” after being in formal leadership development programs, and more men were promoted within a year of program completion (51% of men vs. 37% of women).

And the kicker quote:
“Catalyst studies show that women are just as ambitious as men and use the same career advancement strategies—but they don’t get the same pay off. Clearly, access to the ‘hot jobs’ and to senior-level sponsors with clout to create that access can make a dramatic difference in closing the persistent gender gap.”

And the FemiSex quote: Women we are all still beggars on the job, and the only way to advance is to be seen as not TOO TOO to the males in charge and the women who work under them who are told by the media industrial complex (h/t Ron Paul!) that ambitious women are evil.

Lily Ledbetter is nice but won't do a damn thing about the pay gap. And women themselves need to demand respect before any pay gap ends. That means calling network TV and shouting about that racist show: Don't Trust the Nigger in Apt. 23"
Yeah, we know: it's "Don't trust the B in Apartment 23." Translation: don't let the bitch anywhere near a position of leadership.


I'm sure Lily Ledbetter will

I'm sure Lily Ledbetter will fix this, too. Heavy sigh.

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