HBO's Real Time (Bill Maher) panel jokes about "angrily" lynching Barack Obama


Bill Maher and HBO ply BIGOTED MISOGYNY ad nauseum. This week on Maher's Real Time Misogyny show:

MARC MARON, COMEDIAN: I don't want to be crass but I just hope that Marcus Bachmann takes all that, you know, rage that comes from repression and denial and brings it into the bedroom with her. I hope he f--ks her angrily because, because that's how I would. And I've thought about it. I just…

[Laughter and applause]

Here is the link to Newsbuster
with the video that will make your skin melt in disgust.
The Newsbuster piece reminds folks that in the era of Obama Misogyny Media fest...

Playboy writer Guy Cimbalo in June 2009 published a list of conservative women he'd like to have hate sex with...

link here to RED STATE screen shots of Cimbalo's crimes against humanity.

Hate fucking as Bigot Misogynist Cimbalo put is a favorite theme of liberal dude nation. We all recall the hatred of the liberal writer who joked that he'd like to rape Sarah Palin while his wife watched and I think read the bible during the rape as I recall. And Bill Maher routinely called Sarah Palin a Mother I'd Like to Fuck.

I can say quite honestly if these men were all hit by a cross town bus and nothing but squish remained of them on the pavement, the world would be vastly improved. But that is an aside, for the people who give voice to violence against women and promote misogyny are not only stupid redneck BIGOTs they are out and out evil.

Now, I want to let you read something that I've kept in my file that is exactly the same sort of female hatred but far more subtly but equally as telling.

Here is David Brooks--the NYTimes writer who is RINO and ALL liberal dude nation when it comes to powerful women--writing in May of 2008 about Hillary Clinton:

Clinton rose from her chair and loomed over Stephanopoulos.... a brazen display of attempted middle-aged physical intimidation....It was like watching someone get elbowed in a dark alley by their homeroom teacher.

But her attempt to take over the show was nothing compared with her attempt to dominate the truth. For the first 30 minutes, she did not utter a single candid word, including, as Mary McCarthy would say, “and” and “the.”

She was going to stomp on it, flay it and leave it a twisted mass of jelly quivering on the ground. She was going to perform the primordial duty of an alpha dog leader — helping one’s own.

Barack Obama gave off an entirely different vibe on “Meet the Press.”

Brooks is much like Maureen Dowd in his raw hatred of powerful women, terrified of being "dominated" into "a twisted mass of quivering jelly on the ground." (Dowd just hates other women, compared to Brooks and Maher and Liberal Dude Nations dudes who HATE women who are not subservient to their beliefs and needs.)

Brooks spends the rest of his column (post Hillary berating) telling us all that Obama just doesn't lie (something we all know is just Bullshit from Rev. Wright on down to health care to his mom's non-existing pre-existing fight her her health insurance) but it is amazing the hate Brooks spells out for Hillary while giving Obama his man love. Hillary and Obama in the primaries had similar talking points on the issues and thus it might seem surprising why David Brooks would take the time to write a hate screed to Hillary until one realizes what Obama is to Brooks: the man who will save him from having to say or write Ms. President.

The hatred of liberal dude nation toward women with power or attempting to gain more is one of the most frightening things I've witnessed on my years on this earth. As a young girl in school, I never ever thought it would be considered funny by so-called liberals (yes, Brooks is mostly liberal vs. conservative and ALL LDN) to yuk it up about hate fucking women with whom they disagreed politically.

And FUCK you Dan Savage for thinking you can give the BIGOT Marc Maron a pass by throwing in a rape butt fuck to Rick Santorum. (see the link to Newsbuster video) When 250K men are sexually assaulted yearly by droves of raging gays then we'll consider this a pass, but the truth is women are the ones raped by men who want to control them or who hate women, so throwing in a rape hug to a male pol to get you off (pun intended) will not fly.
Dont' think it will asswipe!
What I find funny is all this hatred of women is the furious fright these men have of all women who have a measure of control over their lives. Women who don't need a bigoted misogynist asshole to ride to their rescue. Hold tight to your dear LITTLE pee pees, oh men of fear and loathing for yours is the Kingdom of the Ninth Circle where you will be suspended by your LITTLE dingers by an Alpha female while a panel of women rate your fuckability and laugh at the impotence that drove your lives of hate.

Read more: and composure david brooks&st=cse&adxnnl=1&scp=1&adxnnlx=1310963234-kQulzR8dyXsLCqDgjPNDHQ


I don't believe on niche

I don't believe on niche because I thinks that If someone feels that he should own a blog then he should thinks that his blog will contain almost all the topics and people from all age will feel happy to browse your blog.

Not one word on Media Matters

Not one word on Media Matters on HBOs and Bill Maher's misgoyny.

big surprise, they are too

big surprise, they are too busy trying to shut down the opposition media outlet that is Fox news.

Well, Dan Savage supported

Well, Dan Savage supported the war against Iraq in the beginning. May be he should be thrown in with the Republicans he says deserve to die.

The Dan Savage quotes were the most hurtful for me to read. As I've said before, it particularly stings when I see a gay man acting as a misogynistic cheerleader. Yes, when 250 K gay men sexually assault straight men per year may be then this would be an apt comparison. But then, if that were happening nobody would be laughing.

Yes! Alison. hurtful is

Yes! Alison. hurtful is right. I have supported gay rights for a long time. Very hurtful indeed. I support choice with passion but I've never suggested that Rick Santorum should be raped by a woman with coat hanger to teach him a lesson.

I understand that there is anger at Bachmann for her position against gay marriage. However, it is sick to rebut that position by advocating in favor of sexual violence IS an illness, and it is evil.

What about the black comedian from SNL who recently made mildly anti-gay jokes. I didn't hear anyone advocating on behalf of his rape or lynching. Bill Maher sees women as hos, bitches and orifices (HBO) just as does the parent company who employees him.

I called HBO and was told this is creative license that HBO gives to its comedians and guests. I asked if they would invite David Duke on to advocate for lynching of politicians of African heritage and HBO spokesman said "of course, not."
However, he would not even admit that calling a woman a MILF or twat or allowing guest to advocate for rape of women is misogyny. He refused to condemn such speech and talked about giving guest creative options. Women are all hos bitches at orifices to HBO.

Rosa- For other readers,


For other readers, below is a link re the SNL actor Tracy Mogan re his anti-gay comment.
Noteworthy: the measured response to his violent reference to gays by Tina Fey. She does not enjoin violence but reason to deal with his "joke." Why is this so hard to apply to women? Because we live in a culture of Big Media that makes a lot of $$ from misogyny as well as a culture that is male dominated and very very fearful of women in power.

A story on the Daily Beast

A story on the Daily Beast about a Muslim man who tore his wife's eyes out made me think of what women need to do in relation to abuse against women who make them mad. The Muslim man felt his wife was unfaithful so he tore her eyes out. HBO/Time Warner/ and Bill Maher and their ilk think the women are getting to much power to they abuse them with hate speech that we all know leads to real violence against women. The DB story talks about shaming abusers. Here here! Please everyone call and boycott Time Warner to shame them from hate speech with incites real life rape and violence against women.

I just read this on the

I just read this on the wire-- dare to hope that it was Bill Maher who broke into the woman's home:-)

Long Beach, Calif. (AP) --

An intruder has been stabbed to death by a Long Beach woman who found the man inside her apartment.

Sgt. Rico Fernandez says police were called to a disturbance at the 7th Street apartment just before 1:30 a.m. Monday.

Investigators tell City News Service the man broke into the woman's apartment and he was stabbed to death during a confrontation with the woman.

There are no other details.

I called and Cassidy told me

I called and Cassidy told me that it is comedy and we have to accept comedy as such. I wonder Jeff Beweks would consider it comedy if Maher joked about raping Jeff's wife, if he has one. If that is comedy let's prove it and insist Maher joke about raping Bewkes wife angryily.

If it is comedy and anything

If it is comedy and anything goes, let's put on skinheads who want to lynch blacks or Nazi's who dream about snuffing out Jews. WTF is wrong with Time Warner? No mainstream media outlet will put this on the six o'clock news. Backwater assholes like Bewkes and Maher remind me of the men in Deliverance.
Since when is raping women comedy?

Dan Savage also said 'I Wish

Dan Savage also said 'I Wish [Republicans] Were All F--king Dead!'

Then, there's Taibbi and Don Imus... giggling that they'd like some Bachmann porno.

And Rachel Maddow chortling at her filthy little secret joke over the term "Teabagger," later stating that those who were offended :should have KNOWN" what it meant.

Overlay it with the relentless sexual references in the hate-filled rhetoric of the left, and then suspend all belief as they leveled their charges in the wake of Jared Loughner's madness.

It is time for this to end. To start - anyone who is still laughing at Bill Maher is a sick person. There's nothing funny here. There's contact info on HBO's site, it's time they started hearing about this.

And second, where's NOW? Where are the "Women's Rights" people? What happened to people? Is the KoolAid that powerful?

It is endless and I am

It is endless and I am starting to dispair. Rape is up 25% this year in New York City.

From Daily Caller

Eminem raps about having sex with Sarah Palin; hack journalist Matt Taibbi snarkily anticipates the porn movies based on Michele Bachmann; Keith Olbermann calls Michelle Malkin “a mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick on it.”

Read more:

However the Daily Caller story misses the essential point. The DC posits that it is a case of clinical narcissist that drives men to hate speech about women. Not so. iIt is about hate, pure evil hate of women and the urge to dominate women.
What is maddening is that even the Daily Caller refuses to call misogyny misogyny.

Hi there Rose, Our bad, we

Hi there Rose,

Our bad, we should have posted the numbers to call. Here are two from a prior post we did when Bill Maher called SP the C word.

It is mind numbing this hatred of women.
212-512-1000 HBO
Time Warner CEO
Jeff Bewkes

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