Louis C. K. outed for Misogyny and Bigotry by The New Agenda

From the New Agenda: News Corp Must Censure Misogynist Louis C.K.!
Misogynist comedian Louis C.K. has gone too far!

FemiSex Add: Louis C.K. says of Palin: "her fucking retard making cunt" and "the baby that just came out of her fucking disgusting cunt."

To Palin: just "stick your tit in its mouth and shut up."

All because Sarah Palin said their are joys and challenges to having a baby with Down Syndrome. The complete fucking moron Louis C.K. thinks that there is no challenge to being told you are going to have a baby with Down Syndrome and that there the "baby looks like every baby on the planet" in the world. While Louis C.K. may not hav e Down Syndrome, he certainly has proved that his IQ is little above those afflicted. Even in the womb, there are signs on ultrasound that the fetus is not like unaffected fetuses.

And, for a woman who gives birth to a baby with Down Syndrome, there is immediate recognition that this child is affected with Down Syndrome and that the life of you, your family and the child will be forever challenged in the care of a profoundly disabled child. You know the second that you give birth to a child with Down Syndrome that you had better live a long long time, because of the challenges that lie ahead. This affects one deeply the moment you become aware the fetus has Downs. If you, like many, decide to terminate that pregnancy, you will be forever affected by that decision. Yours was a wanted pregnancy and often one coming later in one's reproductive life when the timing for a child into the family is right for a woman. It can be devastating to try for a child for months or years and then receive the news of trisomy 21.

But of course deep thoughts are for those with IQs above 80, and Louis C. K. just is not challenged with deep thoughts. He likes to say cunt and tit and fucking retard and he is little more than a liberal redneck wife beating piece of fecal matter that came out of a jackal's butt. In the 60s, Louis C. K. would have been banging down the niggers door with the lynching rope so he could rub his father's dick all over the black man's face. Bigots don't change, they just switch the focus of their hate. Louis C.K. finds that no one will let him hate on the niggers so he will hate on the bitches. WhaAAAAT a waste of space.
Back to New Agenda with our DEEP thanks for finding this horror show:

First, sending a series of sexist and disgusting tweets in an apparent drunken stupor: "I want to rub my father's cock on Sarah Palin's fat tits."

Louis C.K. has a history here. Listen to this despicable attack (above video) on Sarah Palin's baby son Trig during an appearance on the Opie and Anthony radio show:

Opie and Anthony-Louis CK on Sarah Palin 169 ratings 24,509 views

This is sexism and misogyny at its worst and we cannot let it stand!

Louis C.K. has his own sitcom, LOUIE on FX, a cable station owned by News Corporation. Sarah Palin is a contributor to FOX News, also owned by News Corporation.

Contact News Corp and Demand an Apology!
Tell News Corporation that their employee, Louis C.K., must apologize to Sarah Palin. We cannot let misogyny and sexism be part of our public discourse.

Primary Investor Relations Contact Secondary Investor Relations Contact
Reed Nolte
Senior Vice President Investor Relations
Phone: 212-852-7092
Fax: 212-852-7145
E-Mail: rnolte@newscorp.com Tony Santabarbara
Vice President Investor Relations
Phone: 212-852-7840
Fax: 212-852-7145
E-Mail: asantaba@newscorp.com

And leave us a comment on our blog letting us know that you did!


listen here dumb bitches, sad

listen here dumb bitches, sad dumb ugly and probably fat bitches: double standards are there to protect you. the same double standards that say men make more money than you, are the same that say women and children first off the sinking ship/out of the burning building.

stop whining you easily offended quasi liberal dykes.

This is outlandish! by

This is outlandish! by @Chris's reasoning, if African Americans are offended at being disrespected with the N word, it is the fault of the African American. The racist using the bad word is the victim. LMAO. @Chris you are a larger bigot than CKL

Contact News Corp and Demand

Contact News Corp and Demand an Apology!

While you're at it, also please tell News Corporation that their employees, Greg Gutfeld and Eric Bolling, must apologize to Sarah Palin. We CANNOT let misogyny and sexism be part of our public discourse.


fair enough. the boobs on

fair enough. the boobs on the ground joke was both sexist and lame. however you dip in seriousness by interjecting Palin into this...that would also mean interjecting any female pol such as Senator Gillibrand or Hillary Clinton. None of these women were part of the discourse by Gutfeld, so I must assume you are just being silly and non-serious about stopping sexism.

the vile hatred of women you disagree with politically and subjecting them and the public to personal sexual bigoted attacks is a crime against humanity. it sets very dangerous dehumanizing lessons.

boobs on the ground on the spectrum of sexism compared to CK Louis's putrid rant against "Palin's retard-making cunt" is an easy call. one is far worse. my six-year old could tell you that! all women must understand (and Fear!) the pathology behind the Louis CK cunt remark.

Clearly Gutfeld doesn't have raw sexual misogynistic hatred against the female fighter pilot, whereas Crazy Louie clearly does. Very different.

None of you understand humour

None of you understand humour or what a joke is.

Editor's note: Yeah, we do appreciate humour; like when Louis said: Michele Obama's nigger-making cunt pushed out Sasha and Malia. uh, wait....THAT isn't funny...right? Only when "humour" is directed at white Republican women...then it is a joke.
You bore me.

To get an idea of just how

To get an idea of just how big a woman-hater this man is:

"It doesn't make sense that men would be in charge. It makes sense that women would be in charge because your mom is the first person who takes care of you. It just makes sense that mothers would run the world. And they don't. It's the opposite. We have this weird system of men — it's kind of upside-down. I think the reason is because women were in charge a long time ago and they were really mean. They were horrible. You had to walk around naked and they would flick your penis and laugh at you, so we're so scared of them and finally one guy punched a woman and she was like, "Wah!" and he was like, "We can hit them!" Quote from Louis CK

This is classic female hatred from men who are hate women and wan to control them. Women are Mean and need to be controlled or they will flick away your manhood. whaaaaaa

Anyone who would defend the

Anyone who would defend the comment "her retard making cunt" is sick! Ergo, anyone defending this crap bag man is sick! Michele Obama had two children; what if some "comic" hit at her with the words: "her nigger making cunt"? Any defenders of that language would be seriously fucked up people.

While this post does have a

While this post does have a good base idea of how Louis C.K. is absolutely vile, there is a staggering amount of ableism. Because, yeah, sure; who cares about ableism? It's not like it's important or anything...

Judging by the hate filled

Judging by the hate filled comments you people are not much better than louie

Louie CK is one major

Louie CK is one major misogynist asshole

CK is the KKK against women.

CK is the KKK against women. yep.

No wonder Woody Allen cast

No wonder Woody Allen cast this women-hater in Blue Jasmine playing a creep. While Woody Allen screws his daughter, CKL is the KKK against women.

If CKL laughed about Mrs. Obama's "nigger-making cunt, ha ha", he'd be tossed out of media and show business. Goes to show, don't it. Hollywood loves women-haters.

It's interesting that the

It's interesting that the final sentence, which is the appeal from this organization to the network is: "Tell News Corporation that their employee, Louis C.K., must apologize to Sarah Palin. We cannot let misogyny and sexism be part of our public discourse." Misogyny? Sexism? The thing that was harsh here was being insensitive towards a person who has to take care of a disabled child and towards that child. This is what is violent in that statement. Not any misogyny.

The lady who wrote this article has an IQ smaller than Louis CK's: she doesn't know the difference between "their" and "there" _ which even I, a non native english speaker, know.

this world is full of people

this world is full of people that are just waiting for the chance be offended... let go people.. please.. stop being children.

Editors reply: oh dear Brandon, do you REALLY want to tell people to "let go" and not confront racism, sexism or bigotry? To complain when a man is called the N word or a woman the C word is "being children" to you?

Brandon, sounds like you and CK Loius would love to have been "all grown up" slave owners!


Louis CK is to women what KKK

Louis CK is to women what KKK David Duke is to black people.

Honestly? Up in arms over a

Honestly? Up in arms over a comedian? A guy who's entire existence is saying stupid [racist sexist,]shit? Get over yourselves, tightwads.
Editors Add:
I call my wife a cunt every day of the week and my house boy nigger to boot, so get over yourselves. it's all comedy you tighwads, niggers cunts, bitches and whores. I call president Obama the Nigger In Chief, so what's up it's all good it's all comedy. That is what comedian does, call people racist names for funnny! That's what comedians do, call women the names they are called while being raped. it's all good.

I find it interesting that

I find it interesting that Louis CK is talking about sexually assaulting both a male and a female in the above scenario, but nobody seems to notice or worry about the former. I'm curious how people would respond if he had said "I'd like to rub my mother's twat in Rush Limbaugh's face".

chuckle and kudos to you, as

chuckle and kudos to you, as you are right the Louis CK is an even more depraved person that we'd given him credit for...wanting to grab a hold of his dad's dingling is, actually what motived him in the first place, not the desire to sexually assault a women he wanted to punish.

In the 1950s we had the likes

In the 1950s we had the likes of Louis CK saying they'd like to rub their father's noose around a black man's neck. Today we have Louis CK saying he'd like to rub his father's dick around a woman's neck. Bigots never die they just do stand up comedy and because they are too cowardly to say they'd like to noose a nigger they openly tweet about sexually assaulting bitches.
Louis CK aka Louie is one big fat bigot who believes in a regressive assault on women that don't fall into line and become his plantation niggers.

I dare Louis CK to say he'd like to noose a nigger and see if his fans rally behind that.

LCK is a redneck wife beater.

LCK is a redneck wife beater.

Please do not use "redneck"

Please do not use "redneck" as a slur. I find that kind of bigoted language offensive.

comment has been deleted by

comment has been deleted by staff due to offensive misogyny

He is a media redneck.

He is a media redneck. Perfect summary of this guy. TV producers love him because he gives them leeway say sexist things. Bag o Barf is all I can think of to describe this redneck

The video is "no longer

The video is "no longer available for viewing".

The sad part for those of you who get whipped up into a frenzy over this instance is that Louis C.K.'s television shows are very well balanced. Usually he is the butt of the joke, and in many cases the women featured on his show, like the wife in his HBO Show, are excellent portrayals of well rounded women.

There is also an inconsistency in trying to brand Louis C.K. as some type of overall conservative neanderthal when it's clear he probably supports many liberal causes and just viewed Palin as a tool of the republican party, and then went too far talking about it.

If a person does one or two bad things, but has a history of putting out solid programming that puts women in an equal to or more powerful light than himself, why condemn him permanently? This is what I think hurts the feminists movement, once someone comes into the line of sight, it's kill them or allegedly be killed.

Obviously he made a mistake, but lets not do a total condemnation without at least seeing the good work he has done. And some of the comments made in this article, using the N word as if he said it, is just appalling and the kind of over the top demented anger that does not help "the cause".

This article comes off as

This article comes off as extremist as do the comments, and if he does make fun of anyone it would be extremists.

Editors note: Clearly this comment by EdwardWokHands is bothered by women who object to bigoted behaviour.
And this odd person would be fine with Loius CK saying he'd like his father to put a noose around Obama's neck and rub his father's dick all over Obama's face. And to object to such language would be...hmmm, extremist. Clearly it would be extremist to object to calling blacks jungle bunnys. Because as we all know, extermist people are those who object to anti-black and anti-women hate speech.


Great comment. Louis is a

Great comment. Louis is a supporter of all equality. He even says in one of his shows "If I had a time machine, no matter WHAT time I traveled to I'd be treated like a king, I'm white... and a man!". That's paraphrased of course but you know.

This article comes off as extremist as do the comments, and if he does make fun of anyone it would be extremists.

If he tells jokes it's from the point of view of a character, you do understand that right? Or were you outraged by The Sopranos? Because you think James Gandolfini is an actual murderer and racist? Louis has to tell his jokes from the point of view of a crazy kind of maniac, all comedians do it to a certain extent and it's ridiculous to be offended by it. Unless he say raped someone and then told a story about it while the audience applauded in glee. Which they wouldn't, because he wouldn't. Anyone who did would probably be dead within an hour. It's easy to be offended when the offensive behavior is fictional and created subjectively by the offended.

You do realize that his comments are directed at Palin don't you? You're the one making it about disability. Bigot.

You retard! You really want

You retard! You really want to be on record as the village idiot that says, "don't judge a man who actually calls a woman the C word but....it is over the top demented to suggest that a person who is such a bigot as to use the C word would also use the n word. "
Grab you tiny bigoted redneck balls and run to the nearest redneck bigot factory and say ten times: sexism is just as appalling as racism. get it yet????????????? turd

But ableism is just fine,

But ableism is just fine, apparently.

I don't care either way, myself. But the hypocrisy involved in the above statement is staggering.

Louis c K. is vile. His

Louis c K. is vile. His hatred of women who step out of line with what he feels is acceptable thinking is of a piece with the Taliban. The freak should find a nice rock to crawl under or just get it over with and pledge his love of honor killings.

How dare he. Sarah Palin's

How dare he. Sarah Palin's disgusting retard making c**t? As a Bigoted fan of Louis C.K. the only part I object to is the word retard. I also like to see Michele Obama's c**t refered to as a disgusting socialist making c**t. You see anyone who defends Louis C.K. is a redneck bigot like me--LB

Editor note: Edited for clarity.

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