Maurice DuBois and Kristine Johnson: Dumb and Dumber! Psst, Palin aced her Paul Revere history


Sexism in media is sad, bad and mad. It was SAD to watch the Maurice and Kristine (Dumb & Dumber) laugh it up a few days back at how stupid Sarah Palin is on their nightly 11 o'clock newscast. They mocked Palin's comments about Paul Revere. It turns out (as verified on NPR during an interview with an academic historian/scholar) that Sarah had it exactly right and the derision heaped upon her from the bungling pair of idiot newscasters was faulty. Dumb and Dumber owe Palin an apology and CBS 2 needs to run a retraction.

so eager in their sexism and bias, to hurt an alpha female, will...BAD-LY, not run a retraction, is my best guess. (readers let me know if you see this but I've found no evidence online of an apology or retraction.)

Here is what Palin said, courtesy of NPR

Last week, after Palin visited Old North Church and Paul Revere's house in Boston, a reporter asked her what she had seen and what she'd take away from her visit.

Ms. SARAH PALIN (Former Governor, Alaska): We saw where Paul Revere hung out as a teenager, which was something new to learn. And, you know, he who warned the British that they weren't going to be taking away our arms by ringing those bells and making sure, as he is riding his horse through town, to send those warning shots and bells, that we were going to be secure and we were going to be free.

Response by Professor Robert Allison is chair of the history department at Suffolk University in Boston

BLOCK: We are going to fact-check Palin's Paul Revere history now with Robert Allison. He's chair of the history department at Suffolk University in Boston.

Revere isn't trying to alert the British, but he is trying to warn them. And in April of 1775, no one was talking about independence. We're still part of the British Empire. We're trying to save it. So this is a warning to the British Empire what will happen if you provoke Americans.

BLOCK: And Sarah Palin also was saying there that Paul Revere's message to the British in his warning was: you're not going to take American arms. You know, basically a Second Amendment argument

BLOCK: So you think basically, on the whole, Sarah Palin got her history right.

Prof. ALLISON: Well, yeah, she did.

It should make you MAD that MSM has a culture of misogyny that permeates everything they say about a female candidate. And when they have egg on their faces along with misogyny, it should require a retraction. It just shows you what it takes these days to be a news anchor in New York: C minus grades in high school.

I can bet you a bunch o bucks that Dumb and Dumber didn't sneer at Barack Obama when he said he'd visited all 57 states. I want Dumb and Dumber to say they are sorry for their eye rolling sexist newscast.

CBS 2 in New York
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New York, NY 10019


I always considered Maurice

I always considered Maurice DuBois to be a total idiot.

As for Kristine Johnson, she....laughs at every stupid thing, it's amazing that she lasted this long.

This is extremely interesting

This is extremely interesting

I was shocked to read the truth behind the infamous potato misspelling. I've believed that one for years.

this is from a left leaner US News and World Report

The weather guy makes fun of

The weather guy makes fun of dumb and dumber all the time- too funny.

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