Meet the Press has 5 Democrats to One Republican on roundtable; This Week its 4 to 2.


The shame that is MSM Sunday morning talk shows. Today Meet the Press had five Democrats and one Republican on its roundtable and ABC's This Week had a Four to Two line up--Four Democrats to Two Republicans. And they say mainstream media is not biased? HA!

Meet the Press
David Greggory -NBC
Andrea Mitchell -MSNBC
Bob Woodward -Wapo
Ted Koppel -NBC
Ben Jealous-Obama's brownoser and NAACP

Republicans: Jim DeMint--frmer Senator (R)
This Week
Martha Radditz --ABC
Donna Brazile--All things Obama
Steve Inskeep--NPR
Chris Hughes--The New Republic, Obama campaign worker, Facebook socialist founder

Rep. Schweikert --Repulican Congressman
George Will--GOP pundit

And that folks is what we call mainstream media BIAS. Let's DEMAND = representation of both parties on Sunday talk shows. Really, this is supposed to be a democracy. Equal Voice and all that


picture purrrfect

picture purrrfect

Rule of thumb is that when a

Rule of thumb is that when a republican is in the Oval Office watch NBC and when a democrat is in there watch Fox.

Brainless Martha Raddatz

Brainless Martha Raddatz didn't even bother to ask her guest senstor democrat why the FBI is investigating his use of child hookers
And toady Steve Kroft "forgot" to ask Obama and Hillary exactly why lying to cover up a terrorist attack doesn't matter.

We can't really have a true

We can't really have a true democracy without unbiased msm.

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