NO CHIT Senate SEAT for Caroline Kennedy by a Gov. eager to Please Obama!

No Way, NO How, NO Caroline Kennedy! NO! we don’t need a woman with a Daddy complex in Hillary’s Senate Seat! FemiSex calls for Carolyn Maloney or Nita Lowry to be appointed.
Experience matters. So Obama Stay OUT of this!

Gov. Paterson will want to earn points with Obama, and Obama has been busy doing appointment favors to the folks who supported him over Hillary. No doubt Obama will make a call to Gov. Paterson directing him to GIVE the seat to Missy Caroline as a Christmas present, despite what is BEST for New YORKers!
We need an excellent senator, not a Payback-backroom -deal Senator. Keep your Chicago Politics in Chicago.

FemiSex calls for either Congresswomen Carolyn Maloney

or ….
Nita Lowry
to fill Clinton’s Senate Seat.

I’ve worked with Ms. Maloney (and her exceptional staff) and find her to be stupendous and dynamic. Her fight for women’s rights is sterling! Grade A+! Ms. Lowry is less well-known to me, but her record is exemplary as well. (Lowry may not be interested in the seat, but …that is not set in stone.) Both stand out from Missy Kennedy as women who understand what it takes to support women as well as being excellent role models for women.

Missy Kennedy might just think it is OK to berate women (think Hillary and her dear uncle’s comments about Hillary’s unsavory character!) and stand by men who rape and murder women for sport or expedience. (yeah yeah they both got off, but so did OJ) The Kennedy family has brutally treated women so many times it dizzies my head to think of another in public office.

So in Keeping with the nobler aspirations of the American People, in keeping with a need for real leadership—as we will have with either Maloney or Lowry—in the Junior Senator spot would be enormously helpful. (see Kennedy *text below for the uninitiated.)
STAY HOME, Missy Caroline!
Hello Carolyn!!!!!!!!!!! Or Hello Nita!!!!!
* As Teddy said: "I don't think it's possible," Kennedy, a Barack Obama supporter, told Bloomberg Television when asked about an Obama-Clinton ticket.
Kennedy added that he hoped Obama would choose a running mate who is "in tune with his appeal for the nobler aspirations of the American people.
"And I think if we had real leadership - as we do with Barack Obama - in the number-two spot as well, it'd be enormously helpful," he added.

UPDATE: a reader just emailed me that she has called the Gov's office and voiced her complaint against a Kennedy appointment. She thinks we should have included the Gov's contact infor for folks to be heard and we agree, so here it is:
David A. Paterson
State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224

Update: please read Marie Cocco's op/ed, "Even a Kennedy should earn the title":

CNN report on Missy Caroline's demand for Obama payback:


Wonder if I can get my Daddy

Wonder if I can get my Daddy to call the Gov. and ask for senate seat?
Kennedy of all people stands a fair chance in a general election. Let her run fair and square. In the meantime, Paterson should give it to someone who has already stood the test of being an elected official in New York. Let's the people have a voice! It is something called democracy not nepotism!

Cnn and the media will love

Cnn and the media will love Caroline but we the people do not!

wow the woman passed the Bar

wow the woman passed the Bar on her 1st try-- let's send her to the Senate!

Watch feminists come out of

Watch feminists come out of the woodword to support Kennedy while she has been devoted to the idea of the non-working mother as a role-model.
Palin is a shambles b/c she is a working mother and Kennedy should get the spot b/c she has a Big Daddy. Enough to make this feminist sick!

BTW, Talor Marsh is an idiot for saying that those who are yet mad at Kennedy for not supporting HRC should just shut up! If Caroline can't see why it was important for the US to have a female pres then she is not smart enough to represent this New Yorker in the Senate!

BONUS: Sunday Funnies! I am

BONUS: Sunday Funnies!
I am watching the McLaughlin Group and I've come to decide poor Eleanor Clift gone over her own personal Cliff.

The woman just declared herself Center/ Left. I kid you not!
Eleanor you are Left of Move On.Org. GET real. And giggling in the background as others talk is not helpful to any woman on the planet!

Also, perhaps Obama could relieve us all of Eleanor's role of Public Relations agent for Obama on Sunday mornings and at Newsweek by bringing her into his admin as Dir. of PR. It is really farcical to watch her defend the O-Man unquestioningly, esp now that he's assured of Office.
Pssst.. Eleanor, at least Pretend ur a member of the Press not Obama's personal assistant!

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