Obama Brushed off Hillary, Hillary Brushes off (GOP) or Half the Country, Dumb Bunny Media gets Hard

obama brushes off Hillary.jpg

It just cracks me up to see super-stupid liberal media gettn’ all super-stupid. For example, remember when Obama did his vomit-inducing “brush Hillary off my shoulder like she’s just useless lint” move in 2008? Yeah, anyone with an IQ over 10 who followed that election recalls that pathetic moment. (We’ve captured it for you, in both pic and video, in case you don’t recall—but FemiSex readers are very smart, so we’re only doing this for archival purposes.)

So you gotta pity the dumb bunnies (male and female) at Jezebel who, praised Hillary and her social media team for her “brilliant, sassy” move. They even suggested “bonuses” to her social media team. WTF?

You gotta feel sorry for their stupid asses, not realizing how f’ing LAME it was for her to copy a move that is so unbelievably condescending and childish. But to Hillary, you know, what does Benghazi matter, “we have four dead Americans,... what difference at this point, does it make…” how they died? http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2013/01/23/hillary-what-differen...

News Flash: it makes all the difference in the world! Just as when a patient dies on the table in the OR, folks want to know what went wrong, and exactly how the patient died. Hillary lost me their and has not gotten me back since. It was at that moment I realized she is now, a full-on Obama-eqe asshole who is ready to splint the country rather than heal it.

News Flash to Jezabel who found the issue of our government’s failure in Benghazi not a worthy topic: half or more of this country is GOP, and any rational person wants to fully understand why Obama and Hillary lied to us about the killings their and why this Administration failed to protect our Ambassador and staff.

Btw: Slate is superstupid too…they also crowed about Hillary’s Brush OFF, but I guess to dumb bunny Dems reusing a stale, disrespectful, childish move –if not outright plagiarism, smacks of lack of new ideas and zero imagination. If Hillary wins we’d better get ready for 8 more years of Failure and copying Obama’s BAD ideas and dishonesty.



#pathetic Damn I want a


Damn I want a woman in the White House but Hillary is not your 2008 Hillary anymore. #sad #recycledObama

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