Obama pays women 18% less than males in White House


Female employees in the Obama White House make considerably less than their male colleagues, records show. According to the 2011 annual report on White House staff, female employees earned a median annual salary of $60,000, which was about 18 percent less than the median salary for male employees ($71,000).

Now, Maureen Dowd, who probably loves Obama ten times more than Michelle does, has just likened Obama to Jesus--and Yes, we DID point out that Jesus liked all-man in his inner circle. No women apostle etc.. Dowd calls Obama Jesus

So while Obama disses women on his golf plays he yells at a golf course for not letting women in--hypocrisy be thy name--Obama. Others should let women in and pay them the same (sounds good in theory, right, smirk) but not in my white house, top-tier of my campaign or my golf and basketball or policy talks.
Maureen Dowd talks about a Republican barring a woman from a panel on contraception (a woman activist who wants poor women to pay for rich women's contraception, for some odd reason) and yet...she forgets that Obama has a penchant for talking down to women in real life as often as not--sweetie to a journalist and this week's disgusting display of saying he needed the women to "settle down" before he would give them a speech as they were creating chaos in the White House.

Missy Dowd titled her item "For Shame Rush" saying Rush called a "wholesome-looking" woman a slut. Well...then what about calling a woman like Hillary a whore or a bitch..as did Air America or Dowd? Not as wholesome looking? Such crap using women to prop up your man.




Off the subject but soooo

Off the subject but soooo curious as to the Femisex take on Anne Romney. It seems like many feminists are divided on this forming unlikely alliances!

Hey Alison! so...what to say

Hey Alison! so...what to say but snore! Stoking the Mommy Wars has always been a political tool and no less this time. The Democrats want to paint Ms. Romney as a rich B**Ch. Snore. The White Woman Wars, as some comments suggest, is part of this. I guess we can dub this as as WWW-XX
Michelle Obama benefited from affirmative action but ...don't mention that. Ms. Romney benefited from her hubby's $$ and ATTACK.

But they stepped in their shit by saying moms don't work if they dont' work outside the home. Class War or Mommy War is just so snore.
Joan Walsh is saying Ms. Romeny should say she is sorry for saying she has struggled. WTF? Ms. Romeny as Multiple Sclerosis and each of us struggle in different ways.
Dems are too stupid on this...
There are still soccer moms and they can turn on a dime.
Call them lazy and say they have perfect lives and only the poor woman on Medicaid with five kids on public assistance knows what it is like to stuggle...and you have made a useless war.

I can't speak for the others here but I have become so massively disillusioned with the Dems because I really believe they see women as little more than a political tool to wield when it suits them and to curse when not.

Many, many, many great people

Many, many, many great people throughout history have benefited from their spouse's or parents money. But whenever it is a white woman who benefits from money... bitch! I know it's not important news but this whole thing is extremely offensive, esp. coming from the privileged white feminists who are attacking Ann Romney for her privilege while last year they tried to burry Sarah Palin for not having an elite background, for having five kids while working and for speaking in a Midwestern/ Alaskan cadence.

Alison I think this issue is

Alison I think this issue is quite important! I understand why some see it as old news, (snore was the term Admin used) but to me that's because no one has had the courage to say WHY this issue has festered so long. It's more of a race issue than a class issue. Historically it been white women in America who are stay home mothers. I think someone needs to demand of those who stoke this mom v mom war what Otis that they want?
Really, what do they want? I think what they want but refuse to say is that well off families should be taxed to the point where stay home mothers are forced into the workplace. Fair is fair is how they think.

Or is it that they just reserve the right, as you point out, to call white women bitches? Wtf DO democrats want?

WWW-XX Funny. Being a stay at

Being a stay at home mom is fine if you are not asking other women to support your lifestyle. I'm a 29 year-old childless female. I will have a child when I have a husband who can support us or I make enough to support us. That's The New Deal that all educated women live by and the deal non educated women exploit. I'm a Cuban American. I decided long ago I had more pride than need. I know what happens in a society where women are either prohibited from working outside the home or worse forced to for the collective good. This fella Barack has it in his head women should all work for the collective good.

Interesting perspective. I

Interesting perspective. I have friends in Florida from Cuba and they too are very distrustful of dependence on government.

The Obama advisor who said

The Obama advisor who said women who stay at home to raise kids don't work expressed the hatred Michelle and Barack have towards white women who have husbands to support them. In their world view every white woman not working is less money to funnel in reparations to African women who need more welfare. I'm a working woman in my 20s and a registered democrat. But this strange need of democrats to use women as political pawns is so sickening.

First, you need to re-read

First, you need to re-read your comments before you submit them, that was horrible. Second, you have nothing to support your claim. Which "advisor" are you referring to and how did you manage to get "women who stay at home" turned around in your head to "hatred for white women" and "African women who need more welfare"? You may call yourself a democrat but you seem just as uneducated and misinformed as most of the republicans out there. If you were to search for the facts you would see that the welfare pres what BOTH of the Bush's and not Obama. Further, women are not political pawns, your naivete is showing. Research some history, American History.

Anonymous please put a name

please put a name to your comments so readers can follow your thread.

Yeah and Obama's wingnut

Yeah and Obama's wingnut loons think that women who take care of children "have never worked a day in their lives" unless of course that woman is on welfare and then she works damn hard for her section 8 voucher.

Ann Romney never asked any taxpayer to raise her children for her! Obama is a freak who thinks white women should get their skinny butts to work so minority women can have children without fathers and live off white women's wages.

Obama is a parasite!

If I had a hoodlum he'd look

If I had a hoodlum he'd look just like Barack Obama.

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