Obama as the ULTIMATE Cultural Warrior; lobs contraception bomb and laughs as it goes off, laughs as women get short straw

When Mitt Romney took a liberal debate moderator to task for trying to gin up a storm over contraception in America, saying there wasn’t any big debates on contraception going on and why did the moderator want to deal in hypotheticals, Barack Hussein Obama was listening. He thought to himself, OH Goodie! Here is another chance to make war on women so he lobbed a contraception grenade (Force Catholics to pay for birth control) and waited for it to go off.

The media likes to pretend that Obama wandered aimlessly into this mess, as per this The Hill phrasing:

Obama recently found himself in the middle of a contraception debate, after his administration issued a rule requiring health insurers — including some religious organizations such as charities and hospitals — to cover contraception without a co-pay.

But that is so not the case. Obama saw a chance to gain political points by ginning up a contraception war that he knew he could then play to his advantage even though—in the end it just divides he country even more. Joe Biden was ready set go to say that Obama "screwed up in the first iteration" but he got it right on the second--that is Obama knew he was making a war and wanted it, and got it and then sent out Catholic Joe to say opps my bad as the war heated up.

(the Times at least had some honesty on the issue, knowing as they do that the country is divided smack down the middle on whether or not religious institutions should be forced to provide contraception coverage…here is what they wrote about this:

The politically charged fight heated up last month after the Obama administration unveiled its policy requiring health insurance plans to offer free contraceptives for women — a rule that provoked furious criticism from Roman Catholic institutions and some other religious groups. The administration quickly offered a revision that would force the health insurers — not the institutions — to bear the cost.

Note the Times also likes to pretend Obama was caught off guard (saying he quickly offered a fix) but that is BULLSHIT.
Obama knew he was asking for a contraception shit storm and WANTED it, and that’s why he was able to “quickly” offer his revision. Anyone with half a brain knows you can’t demand Catholics pay for birth control bills. Obama did this to help himself and that is the WORST kind of scumbag jackass—the kind who takes a settled issue and forces it into the stage for his own political gain. Even the Times admits this was settled issue, saying the debate was “focusing on issues long settled.” But what really takes the GALL Cake is Sen. Reid saying:

Republicans were “reviving the culture wars.”

No JackASS Reid it is JackASS Obama who lobbed this culture WAR bomb and don’t pretend that you don’t know it. Even this dedicated pro-choice woman gets that forcing a religious institution to pay for something that it has LONG held to be against its values is a Culture Bomb and makes even me squirm. If government can force Catholics to pay for birth control then I gotta say what can’t government force women to do. The knife cuts both ways.

Let’s be clear: contraception should be free for the very poor and it is. And let’s also be clear, there is no reason why a woman with a good salary and health insurance shouldn’t have a co-pay on her birth control so that insurance rates don’t go up so high that other women, those who have to buy insurance on the independent market, cannot afford to buy insurance.

In my state the law has made coverage so inclusive (I get free IVF drugs for example and acupuncture and a visit to my local chiropractor and inhouse drug rehab should I decide to become addicted to crack) that I can’t afford to buy the coverage I need to see my ob0gyn once a year and to get other preventive care.
So a woman in my state who has her insurance paid for by her employer, who is making 70 or 80K per year and whose hubby is bringing in another 150K should not be excluded from making her insurance co-pay on birth control. That is: there is NO reason why she needs free birth control; no reason why her birth control should be not be treated like an other intervention drug she takes where she gets a prescription, goes to the drug store and pays her co-pay for that drug alone with the co-pay she must pay to get a drug that, say, treats her asthma. Both are needed for her state of health and she is expected to make a co-pay for both unless she is indigent and on Medicaid, in which case the taxpayer pays the entire cost of her drugs –that is her co-pays and full payment as well.

But Obama saw a chance to make political war on women and he took it. To date, all insurance covers visits to the OB-Gyn which is were gals get that Rx for birth control. And when you take that to the pharmacist and hand over your co-pay that means, just like when you treat an ear infection or a heart condition you have skin in the game of your health care. No Republicans wants or wanted to take that away. But now that Obama has made his war there is fallout just like when he mandated abortion coverage in his health care reflub act.

Before ObamaCare 90% of insurance covered abortion care. Now, per ObamaCare, it is illegal to have insurance that covers abortion care.

So when Obama makes a war on women, women end up losing.
He pushes the envelope so FAR to the Left that the correction means women end up with less than they had before Obama made the war.

In the end it is Obama making war on women. Anytime Obama makes his war on women’s reproductive rights (in the name, of course of expanded coverage that He knows FULL WELL IN ADVANCE that he won’t get and that in fact because of his ginned up war on women, coverage will shrink, just as ObamaCare has outlawed abortion coverage for women who buy their own insurance, and that this brouhaha over forcing Catholics to pay co-pays for birth control will, in the end, lead to legislation that shrinks birth control coverage for women covered by religious institutions) women loose.

I’ll say that again. When Obama stirs the cultural wars women loose ground. Until Obama took office, women had made incredible gains with reproductive care—as in 90% of insurance covered abortion care and virtually all insurance paid for contraception care. Now POST O-pocOlypitc ObamaCare:
It is illegal for a woman to use her own money to buy insurance that covers abortion care.
And soon, far less insurance carriers will cover contraceptive care. You don’t get expanded coverage by forcing Catholics to pay co-pays on contraception. And even with the so-called fix that Obama had in mind from the start, there is now a need to address Obama’s incessant need to Force religious orgs to do the government’s bidding.

And of note: in the 90s, when I worked for a Catholic hospital, abortion care was not covered. Back then lack of abortion coverage was the exception. I stress, the exception. Catholic hospitals did not coverage abortion but almost everyone else DID.
Now that Obama has come to town the exception is THE RULE.—now no one is allowed per government fiat, to cover abortion care.

When I worked for that catholic hospital, I had coverage for contraception with a co-pay that I made. Post Obama’s war on women-- so he can say hey look at me what a woman lover am I-- Catholic Institutions will clamp down on contraception coverage. You can take that to the bank. They will fight for their guaranteed separation of church and state, and frankly, I get that.

Obama is NOT a friend to women. Just like with Hillary, his only use for women is to hurt them in order to help HIMSELF to more years in office to get more of working women’s pay to redistribute. (And btw..whose paychecks does Obama target? What women does he target: you do the math; only half of the population pays taxes for him to redistribute and who are those women taxpayers that pay money to Uncle Sam? The Working professional women demographic who tend to have children not on the pubic teat, but that’s another story for another day)



Obama is willing to take a

Obama is willing to take a million super Pac dollars from Bill Maher but disses Rush. What a total slime ball hypocrite.

Rush is a PIG. That's a

Rush is a PIG. That's a given.

But why is the man/company who funds Ed Schultz's The Ed Show pulling funding from Rush? Both Ed Schultz and Rush called women they didn't agree with sluts. Why this double standard?


great link Toledo mom. I

great link Toledo mom. I looked at their web site and Carbonite has all male Board of Directors and all male sr.leadership.
sounds like they have selectve leadership and selective tolerance of the s word. They do fund Ed Show but did not pull funding from that--just called to confirm. great post at AM Spec and thanks!

shit this post is right. BO

shit this post is right. BO has a long history of playing political ball using women as his ball.

Good insight! Obama is such a

Good insight! Obama is such a cynical crafty divisive president. I'm one of those agnostic types but I do say the occasional prayer asking that Wham Bam is not re-elected.

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