Perez Hilton calls Miss California the B and C words for having the same stand on gay marriage as Barack Obama; "feminists" silent

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Case study: a blond female beauty contestant says she is against gay marriage and she is publically called a Bitch and a Cunt. The fake media feminists at can only snicker at this. They find it funny. CNN finds it “snarky.” Obama holds the same view and he is not called the N-word. When will women put and end to this devastating double standard?

Another sad tale of the anti-feminists at Salon and CNN failing to do basic feminist work. What work is that, you ask? Well, if a woman holds a view that is different than the one you wish she’d hold you don’t get to call her a BiT*H or a C**t. This is basic stuff. REALLY BASIC stuff. Feminism 101, for God’s sake!
Obama is against gay marriage; he said so without hesitation. But the rules are that those who wish he held another view don’t get to call him a Nigger, do they? NOPE. Civil Rights 101. But for the anti-feminists-- the FAKE feminists at Salon--well, a beautiful woman said something they didn’t like so, guess what?? Yep, the B word is rather funny when applied to a female beautywho opposes their views. And the C-word? Yeah cool as well. For Carrie Prejean attack with any sexism you can find. Same for Palin, call her “fuckable, centerfold spread” and it will bring in readers.

WAKE UP women of America and see what is happening! The “feminists” in the media are Fake! They couldn’t support Hillary for potus, and they can’t even muster outrage when a woman is denigrated as a B or C on the basis of her position.

More Details of dustup:

Apparently a contestant for Miss America, Carrie Prejean, was asked for her opinion on gay marriage and she gave it. When it didn’t mesh with the questioner’s (gay blogger Mario Lavandeira, aka, Perez Hilton) he called her a Bi%ch and then said he’d meant to call her a C*unt. No apology! He stands by his C and B words.
And at Salon, NO apology will be requested. Instead the anti-feminists at Salon wrote the item up with the snide title: Here She is, Miss Marriage Martyr USA.

The Salon anti-feminists are not up in arms that a woman is given the misogynist backhand for answering the question as she saw fit and, for that matter, in the SAME fashion Obama answered the question. NO the article is EXUBERANT that the backlash against Miss California took place. Can anyone wonder why these women didn’t support Hillary? They found that Hillary didn't do this or that, just so, but Obama’s missteps were inlaid golden by his male DNA.

Here is an excerpt from the Salon anti-feminists as they wax hippy-dippity happy that there is outrage over her opposition to gay marriage. But not one word of condemnation over the B or C words spit at the woman.

“It's remarkable that same-sex marriage has come so far into the American mainstream that pageant officials quake to hear a top contestant speaking out against it, and rush to calm corporate sponsors when she does so.
We can't wait to hear what questions they ask the contestants competing to be Miss New York next year.”

Again, there is no condemnation of calling a fellow female the most sexist things possible; only excitement and glee over the episode. CAN’t wait to see who gets called a B or C next year...if they answer wrong.

I want to ask Salon a question: if Miss New York is a black female who opposes gay marriage (and recall that blacks in California voted overwhelmingly against gay marriage) can we call her Bitch, Cunt and Nigger, or is nigger out and only Bitch and Cunt in?? Why can’t these women see that removing bitch and cunt are essential to women’s advancement?...As essential as removing the n-word was to black advancement in America.

I am fully in favor of gay marriage. My thoughts on it are summed up by a poster I saw on the DC metro line during the Bush years. It featured black man and black woman and said “Marriage is good for you!” (I paraphrase here but those where almost the exact words.) Someone had scrawled in thick Sharpie black pen over the poster: “If it is so great, why not let gays do it?”

Yeah, my thoughts exactly. But…..I would NEVER EVER have expected glee from a so-called feminist site over calling anyone who did not agree with that sentiment, the B-word or the C-word. Wait… hold that. …I’d never have expected such sexism from Salon until they showed their dirty hands with HRC and Palin this past year. The Broadsheet Salon post on Ms. Prejean is dripping with sexism and distain.
For example:

“ it's laughable to think of Miss USA representing all of us Americans, as she sashays around the globe during her reign."

This drips with female distain. And sadly we must once again call Salon on their willingness to tolerate and commit sexism when they don’t agree with what a woman has to say. What is ultimately funny is the bullshit that Oprah quipped about being a free woman who can do and say as she pleases. She can only do and say what she pleases if she is willing to be called the Cword or the Bword.
Clearly when Palin did as she pleased Salon found it OK to call her Fuckable. Free? Whose vagina are you kidding? When women step out of line they are hacked up with as much sexism as the media can get away with and that, apparently is A LOT.

CNN put this headline out: Perez Hilton Still Snarky about Beauty B****.

Hello? Perez is not snarky, he is a dangerous man who is sending out misogyny to millions of readers.
What if I wrote that : the Little Faggot Perez calls beauty contestant foul names. CNN would not think it snark! They would attack it as homophobic.

Women MUST demand CHANGE! It is not OK to denigrate blacks with the n-word and gays with the faggot word, AND women MUST DEMAND equal respect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When in the world will male-pandering antifeminists ever have the courage to say NO to sexism and misogyny-- NO MATTER WHAT. When will there be equal outrage at repression of woman as repression of gays and blacks? The gay marriage battle will be over LONG before the female subservience battle even breaks real water.

BtW, tune into Media Matters, another so-called feminist site, who tolerate sexism so long as anti-feminist feminists commit it, or gay angry males. If Fox news had called Miss California a C*nt or a Bitch on the basis of her support for abortion rights, Women's Media Center would HOWL.
Salon would Howl, CNN would Howl, but ….if the woman is someone who has the same view on gay marriage as Barack Obama, but is blond, beautiful, and a beauty queen…a WHOLE different set of rules apply. Sounds like the Back of the Bus for women, YET AGAIN.

Salon link: (read only to see the Lack of outrage over the B and C name calling.)

CNN link: (note how the reporter Fails to point out the misogyny of the name calling or take the opportunity to grill Perez on his double standard for Obama and Miss CA. You know, I want to thank Mr. Perez for giving this opportunity to showcase this issue.


This is one of the smartest

This is one of the smartest posts I have read about a double standard. I personally have had a battle with Mario Lavendria. He is a bully and a coward. He will twist things to make it look like it is your fault when he starts it. He uses being gay for his own self promtion..He hates women and is getting away with some real atrocities. Eventually he will get a dose of his own medicine.God has a special place in HELL for Perez Hilton!

I'm proud of Media Matters.

I'm proud of Media Matters. They finally posted more of my comments. Here is the latest post of mine under the Hannity/ Perez/b-words story: (p.s. my large thanks to Femisex for converting me to the importance of this message. Folks spread the word of Zero Tolerance to sexism. I've gotten my book club involved in this ZT mvt to sexism as well!
thanks Media Matters for posting my comment. it is vitally important that the message of zero tolerance to misogyny be taken up by both the Left and the Right. Look how far we've come with zero tolerance to racists comments. Such zero tolerance rubs off and allows us to see the candidate or public figure as more than his or her race.

Now we need to apply the same to women. This election showed that media saw Obama as first and foremost a candidate, not a black male. But for women the opposite applied--that is media saw first a female and then the candidate, flawed by her sex.

Hey Pingback, thanks for your

Hey Pingback, thanks for your link to alternet story. Courtney Martin is the supposed voice of feminist thought but she cuts down women who want more power for women. She is a most self-absorbed fool, in my viewpoint. Campbell Brown is another denier of the feminist movement. I guess both women know that to get published or broadcast they have to speak out against women's power to get on TV or words in print.

Also, I just posted on Media Matter blog re the Perez story. (They had a thing about Hannity objecting to Perez calling Carrie the b word, but that Hannity was Ok with calling HRC the b word.) I posted yesteday and tried to reply but my reply was never published by the moderators. So we shall see what happens today.
Here is what I wrote:

Luvlu said to me:
"It's about Hannity's condemning one person doing it and condoning another person's use of the word!"
Gaut replies:
Duh. did you not read my post? or the link I sent to Femisex? That is exactly my and their point. That the Left plays the same game as Hannity. My lament is also that when folks like Perez (with millions more readers than Media Matters!) says a woman is the b-word b/c she doesn't agree with his position on gay marriage--and in fact has the same position as Mr. Obama-- where is the Left with their outrage? Salon's Broadsheet writers found it funny. CNN said Perez's comments are Snarky? Snark? Is that what we call misognyy now...Snark?
Salon CNN the New York Times have all used the B word against women they don't like, but bemoan the b word when the Right uses it against women they do like.
I wrote a lengthy post yesterday which, somehow, did not get posted...hmmm, that gave vivid examples of words of shame the Left used agaisnt women they do not approve of, such as Gov. Palin or then Senator Clinton.
The point that I am making is that for women to advance in any degree, places like Media Matters and the Women's media Center must call to the carpet ANYONE who uses the B or C words or the F word against women on the basis of their political stand.
Oprah said a load of bull, that is women are free now, to do and say as they please. Well no one called Obama any names for his stand on gay marriage.

I hope the Femisex writers don't care that i found my voice through theirs! I linked to your story!

I just saw your article on

I just saw your article on Digg It. Great point. It would be absurd to call a woman the n-word for having anti-gay stand. All the feminist web sites would raise the rafters if this had occured. But slam a woman with the b and c words and women and men just pile on about her bimbo status.

Most web sites that are talking about this have lashed out at her fake boobs or fake hair or her, bleached teeth. Missing the point. I worry that this is the point of such comments. That is, to lure people into debasing a woman based on her looks.
I see on many progressive web sites lots of negative talk about her looks, just like the negative things I'd see about Hillary's looks on conservative (and liberal blogs) during the elections.
So thanks for pointing out total lack of reaction to the sexist slurs from what used to, once upon a time, be called Feminists.

The Feminist Myth that is

The Feminist Myth that is Salon. LOL.
Isnt it a shame women hate women with whom they disagree more than the men with whom they disagree.

I just sent the below letter

I just sent the below letter to Women's Media Center and will next send to Media Matters.
I wonder if they will respond?
Gail wrote a very spot on post today about the lack of feminist outrage over Mr. Hilton calling Miss California a bi$$ch and a C$unt.

The post said that :
"If Fox news had called Miss California a C*nt or a Bitch on the basis of her support for abortion rights, Media Matters would HOWL.
Salon would Howl, CNN would Howl, but ….if the woman is someone who has the same view on gay marriage as Barack Obama, but is blond, beautiful, and a beauty queen…a WHOLE different set of rules apply."

The post is titled as below and I hope you will respond to my discontent with your non-coverage of this issue. I also noted that you have Broadsheet on your blog roll and have Courtney Martin writing for you. Excuse me, but Martin is the anti-feminist who could not vote for Hillary because of her shrill voice. What in the world are you ladies at WMC thinking? Perhaps you will have Limbaugh write about feminist issues as well? (yeah, he said HRC sounds like a shrill ex-wife.) Come ON! get rid of sexist Martin or admit out loud to being utterly hypocritical!
Yes, I feel certain Carol supported Barack over Hillary at WMC, but can you not make yourselves utterly obsolete and at least stop promoting women who actively speak out in favor of sexism. And, for that matter, speak out against sexism even when aimed at a conservative woman like Miss CA. Sexism sells and you're silent as well? I will post this letter on I hope you will respond with at least the removal of Martin from your roster and speak out against the Perez name calling!

Bravo Gail! And thanks for

Bravo Gail! And thanks for spreading the word about this silly little you know what who is writing up a storm and biting the hands that fed her (literally). Check out her latest magnum opus at's_movement/
She says:
"Call me cynical, but I don't think there will ever be a global, or even national, uprising of women focused on one singular goal. There will be no singular feminist agenda. There will be no women's movement. And that's not a bad thing. Because there will be thousands upon thousands of women -- young and old alike -- waking up tomorrow with big ideas, lots of resources and communication tools, and plenty of conviction that they have the right and responsibility to make the world better. It's a little less romantic, I admit, but amazing nonetheless."
What utter rubbish! And of course we know that the "media" picked on the one thing she said that they approve of to make the headline: right, "the end of the women's movement"! Wonderful publicity for us, Courtney.
We don't call you cynical, Courtney, we call you STUPID and NAIVE not to mention DISLOYAL!!!

thank you Gail! Nicely done.

thank you Gail! Nicely done.

Also another reader just sent this link to us with a "check it out" message.
So we did.
This is a Media Matters story on Fox's Hannity double standard on the B word saying: “Hannity did not object when Ted Nugent referred to Hillary Clinton as a "worthless bitch." but laments Perez's use of the word in reference to Miss California, Carrie P

HA, the funny thing is that I would EXPECT such silly sexist tolerance of the B word from the Right, but from the Ladies at Salon?? The women at Women's Media Center??
We will get no where with this UNTIL both the Left and Right stop using sexism against the women THEY don’t like! It is REALLY Simple!
Media Matters can only talk about the Right's sexism, while failing to address the sexism on the LEFT. The New York Times, Salon, Slate, and CNN all used the B word toward women they did not like. The New Yorker, jumped onto the sexist bandwagon. Sexism will only die if we demand that ALL outlets stop using it and also that they report fairly on women running for office. NO more hit jobs of distorted reporting against women.

Thanks to Peter for sending that link! Just goes to show, sexism sells for Both the Left and the Right. Shame be thy name.

CNN is about gay rights and

CNN is about gay rights and minority rights but not women's rights, unless that is a right to an abortion. I support rights for gays, minorities and abortion, but hello, where is the media when it comes to sexism? CNN did a nice long Race in America series but when will they do misogyny in America? Heck they'd have to start with their own crew first.

I also don't understand why feminists are so passionate about racism, but sink into overt and covert sexism when some woman goes against what they want. It just shows how willing women are to screw one another. This also shows how much women discount the worth of women in comparison to race or sexual orientation. Subliminal sp? self-worthlessness issues.

WAKE UP women of America and

WAKE UP women of America and see what is happening! The “feminists” in the media are Fake! They couldn’t support Hillary for potus, and they can’t even muster outrage when a woman is denigrated as a B or C on the basis of her position.

Femisex you rock my world. thanks. now i shall write Womens Media Center and question why they haven't taken this guy to the paddling room.

Why don't we women lighten up

Why don't we women lighten up and enjoy ourselves instead of allowing the media (and panty-waist* women, ha, ha) to believe they have scored a hit by calling us cunts and bitches? Let's adopt them as positive accolades for strong, brave women who have achieved something (e.g. Hillary) and hold an award ceremony to give them medals (like the men do to the biggest killers in war). What about Bitch first class with rose-leaf cluster? Cunt of the Year? And yes, let us call our men sons and husbands of bitches and Mr Cunt (as a term of endearment).
And isn't it about time we women started rating male presidential and other candidates for office on the basis of their looks and the size of their genitalia? If we have to vote for one shouldn't we vote for the one with the biggest muscles (I guess that lets Obama out) or package? After all, isn't this what we look for in men (who cares about their MINDS)?
*"panty-waist": a timid man or boy considered childish or unassertive

C*unt of the year, b first

C*unt of the year, b first class. And they say women can't be funny. But jokes aside, I really don't think the idiot Perez would have dared to use those words and not apologized for them unless he'd witnessed the American media get away with such atrocities over and over. I don't think the New York Times every apologized for their B comment, and countless other outlets did not either.

I am a transplant to this country and gobsmacked I was to see the tolerance to female hatred this country absorbed in the elections. I wrote home and said watch it, because there will be much more to come. This may seem silly, just as Obama's speechwriter seemed silly to many. But it all adds up, death by 1000 cuts. America shocked me and its women are spineless really for taking it as far as I'm concerned. Yes, I know we have problems as well, but nothing such as I've seen here.

Can you hear me clapping?

Can you hear me clapping? Excellent and thank you for this story. I just followed a link from Salon to your site and happy day that I have found a place that outs the women who say they want to help women but when push comes to shove they knock women down. I am not sure if that is what the picture attempts to show or that this is just another case of women getting shoved to the bottom of the well. In either case, you have a convert.

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