Punching the Ticket for Sarah—Why this Hillary supporter and abortions rights supporter will vote for Palin this fall. An exercise in logic and long-term strategy!

Posted by M. A. Liginter of FemiSex.com

I supported Hillary Clinton. She has a long history of fighting for women’s rights. I am a feminist. I’ve had many many discussions over my adult years on politics. I have said I would never punch the ticket for a Republican as long as the Red Platform denied me the right to keep the government out of my body—that is I was a single issue voter in terms of abortion. The amount of ridicule this brought down on me from both Democrat and Republican males was something I had to accept. I was very “simple” in my approach, not politically astute, and above all both Red and Blue males agreed that Roe v. Wade was safe.

Now, I am being told by the men on the Left, that I was correct all along—a woman must be a single issue voter if she is a true liberal or feminist.

I have some good news for these men: I remain a single issue voter this election; I remain a feminist; my single issue has changed though. My single issue is electing a woman to the White House, sadly not to the Oval Office, but to the next best thing—the Vice President of the United States.

NOW, let’s have a moment of silence for the ridicule that will RAIN down upon me for my decision to be a single issue voter. (if you want an example….see the NYTimes cartoon yesterday that compared my reasoning to someone so daft as to not see the difference btw coffee and mud, btw feather down and nails, between hygiene and self-mutilation. Ya, know…just another stupid single-issue voter.)

But all the prior ridicule has toughened my skin; I will turn a deaf ear to this ridicule and forge the path ahead for one reason. My niece.

She is nine years-old—almost same age as I when Geraldine Ferraro ran for VP. I remember some of the ridicule that was lavished upon Rep. Ferraro during her run. I was upset, yet wholly naïve; I would not have expected it to take my entire adult life to see another woman put on the WH ticket. I would not have expected to head into the middle decades of my life and see a Supreme Court with a 90 percent male ratio; I was told women were on their way and I believed this. I would not have believed that I would reach into my 30s and not see a woman head a large Wall Street bank. This year they fired the only women in contention. This year has not been good for women.

I would have hoped after all the Archie Bunker reruns we watched it would not work to call a black male a nigger on prime time television. My hope was rewarded. I would never have believed that prime time television would call women bitches over and over each night on shows such as Scrubs, Desperate Housewives, Law and Order…the list goes on…. But my expectations were dashed. Bitch is now so common it only raises eyebrows when I complain about its ubiquity! (Femisex was banned from an Atlantic blog for just such a complaint! Banned for Life but true!) I am just being.. oh, how DID Harry Reid of the Left say it… Shrill.. yes that is the word. I would never have believed that earning an equivalent degree to men, black, white or blue would “reward” me with inferior wages a quarter century down the line. Today a woman out of college 10 years earns 60-some percent of what her male counterpart earns. I would never have believed that women would get the majority of Ph.Ds in the life sciences yet watch as 75% of tenured positions are awarded to males.

I would never have believed that abortion rights would be eviscerated equally under Clinton and Bush, albeit for different groups.
In the 90s the young and poor got hit; in the 00’s, older women and the poor got hit. In the 90s, when and because Pres. Clinton stood tall, abortion docs were slaughtered, and clinics bombed. A more friendly face in the WH made things a bit safer for providers—the whack-jobs mollified against violence by hope of Bush reversals. What I now understand is this:
The Abortion Wars will rage and rage, no matter the administration.

Even Hollywood, liberal as it is for gays and blacks, is now against abortion. (Example, Juno telling woman they are “sacred vessels”, or try just try to find movie or TV program that shows how wonderful (yes wonderful!!) it is to be able to safely terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Good luck on that one!!

So I understand that I must think like men have been trained to do all along…think strategically. Women are trained to think emotionally and this has kept women out of the WH for 219 years! But if I understand that nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, will do more for my niece in terms of her life’s ambitions and equality than to have her and the boys she is growing up with SEE, yes actually experience the Change of having a woman in WH veep power, this will do 10 squared more for her egalitarian future than any amount of continued bickering over Roe. v. Wade in the next 4 years. The congress will be solidly Democratic, and no, I repeat NO nutty anti-Roe justices will pass Go.

The abortion wars are not, and never have been!, about fetal love. They are aimed at keeping women subordinate in society. Currently the thinking goes… If women must have the freedom to abort, then, by GOD they will learn to beg for that right as much as we can possibly legislate.
We feminists need to think in the larger vein now. What drives this fear of women and control? Lack of experience with women in control. Things will change in myriad ways for a generation of young adults growing up with an actual alpha female figure in their daily lives. Fear will recede; women will learn not to fear powerful women, and men will not feel castrated by females in power as some TV anchors do now.

This week I will continue to post on why this highly educated, urban- dwelling, professional female, who supports abortion rights, will Punch it For Palin!