Shameless Democrats Use Middle Class Spiel to Whack Middle Class

Wander into any hotel and you will see a whole lotta folks who depend upon that hotel to feed their families. From the desk clerk, to the wait staff, to the maids to the managers these people need these jobs as either an entryway into a career or as a means to put food on their tables. But nevermind that when there’s an opportunity for a Democrat to enrich themselves. Top Democrat operative Chris Lehane (who is now working for Airbnb), and David Plouffe (Obama’s political spin master) who is now shucking it for Uber, are telling voters that evil hotels are attacking the middle class.

Hmm…how’s that again. Well, because some cities, such as San Francisco, are attempting to put regulations on the operations of Uber and Airbnb that would lessen the bottom line of those companies, Lehane and Plouffe are spinning that as being “opposed to the middle class” says dirtbag Lehane.
Now, this article is not a for or against stand on regulating either Uber or Airbnb. What it is, is a call out of the bullshit that Democrats do to stir up class warfare. Asspup Lehane actually invoked income inequality as a reason to allow renters, even those using rent-controlled apartments to rent out their places for weeks at a time.

Again not taking a stand here on whether or not cities should or can pass regulations on these companies. But let’s be sure of one thing. Mr. X in San Francisco who wants to travel to Paris for a few weeks and pay for it by renting out his place for well below the cost of a hotel room in San Francisco, may be saving himself and a fellow traveler a bunch of bucks, but… they are NOT putting anyone to work, and that is a fact.

Lehane and Plouffe evidently think that helping out the middle class means killing jobs across the nation and around the globe so that a young person can kick it up in Vienna for a few week. And of course, they are enriching themselves immensely in the process.

But the truth is this: these two Democrat top dogs know that they are full of shit. They are happy to kick up class warfare to enrich themselves and to kill tens of thousands of jobs in the process.
The irony here: Democrats LOVE regulation on private citizens and business. So to see them use the class warfare issue to avoid regs in order to make themselves rich is kinda ugly.

And…if this were two Republicans doing this crap you can be sure this would have been Headlined very differently in the Times and put on page one, rather than a footnote item.

Rather than the NYTimes header “Airbnb and Uber Mobilze Vast User Base to Sway Policy” that ran…if Republicans were snarking for Airbnb or Uber, you can be sure that the Times would’ve headlined this item something like this:

“Top GOP Power Brokers Willing to Sacrifice Middle Class Jobs to Enrich Themselves.”


Low information voters and

Low information voters and knee-jerk Democrats love to use divisive language. The kind that portrays and us against them world view when it comes to blacks v whites, or any minority group v whites, or poor v rich or big bad capitalism v socialism.

Oddly, democrats who trade in divide and conquer speech hate it when republicans do the same. No difference.

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