Steve Kroft said Obama did NOT call it terrorism in the Rose Garden, but CBS kept the tape secret to protect our LIAR in Chief

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Remember that simple question a supposedly undecided voter asked Obama at the Town Hall debate? This one:

“Who was it that denied enhanced security [for our embassy in Benghazi] and why?”

Remember that Obama didn’t even bother to answer that very simple question. Ever wonder what happened to investigative journalism? You can all lament that Crazy Candi Crowley played Truth Interruptus and pretended that Obama had definitively said yes, our ambassador was killed in a terrorist attack. He did not; and today CBS has limped in very late with video that they DID NOT air of a Sept. 12th interview with Obama in which Obama stated in response to a Steve Croft question—

“Mr. President, this morning [in the Rose Garden] you went OUT OF YOUR WAY to AVOID the use of the word TERRORISM in connection with the Libya Attack. Do you now believe that this was a terrorism attack? …Obama said:

“Well it’s too early to tell exactly how this came about, what group was involved, but obviously it was an Attack on Americans. And we are going to be working with the Libyan government to make sure that we bring these folks to justice, one way or the other.”

Talk about a non answer and YES he did refuse to call it terrorism and if Steve Kroft felt Obama did not call the attack on our Libyan embassy a terrorism, how the FUCK does Dumbo Candi get off telling the fucking world “He did in Fact call it an act of terror…an act of terrorism.” NO Obama did not! He danced around it and said acts of terror are bad things blah blah but never once did Obama say our ambassador was killed by terrorists.

But aside from Fake journOlisters rushing in to protect Americans from getting a straight answer from their president, who flat out lied to America that night and never even pretended to answer the most pressing question of the year on foreign policy: Who the Fuck said NO to the Libyan embassy’s repeated pleas for more and better security.

Man o man as a elite journalist, I’ve been taught at the finest Ivy schools to ask hard questions of our leaders…in theory only, of course. That is when soldiers take dirty pictures of Iraqi prisoners, that is good to get the very last horrific detail, but….when Americans serving their country in a hostile land on the anniversary of 9-11 beg and plead for better protection and the word from high keeps coming back…nope…that OUGHT to be a story except it must not be a story when bat shit crazy media types have a mediocre or worse president to protect, then ONLY report on the Libya Fail or Obama policy when you can mock the opposition candidate for …gasp…asking hard questions and giving …gasp. critical views on a president who yes, blamed it on free speech, by saying over and over and over and over and sending out his top UN official to say over and over and over again our ambassador was killed because a bad American type made a video.

On Oct, 3, 2012The New York Times buried a tiny weenie story on A10 below the fold in the bottom right corner of the sheet reporting on a congressional committee that has found that listed over a dozen episodes, several of them violent, in the past six months that…formed the basis for repeated requests by the diplomatic mission in Libya for more security resources” and….that those requests were “turned down” by the Obama administration.

Of course, to hear the Times report this it is all just mean ol’ Republicans making this up, just like mean ol’ Republicans made up the Monica affair, that Bill lied about. Only thing is…While I never really cared if Bill er…never, er.. “had sex with that woman, I do care deeply when our ambassador is killed on American soil in a Muslim terrorist attack on the anniversary of the day that Muslim terrorists killed thousands of men and women and children, a day when a hole so big it swallowed lower Manhattan with the fury of 100 Sandy winds and waters was blown in the fabric of our country so that now I have to show my privates to x-ray screeners and expose my ovaries to radiation doses each time I fly, so that now I have to pretend to be tolerant of Muslim men who want to keep their women in slavery and bring about a world dominion of males over females, in order to not…upset the freaks of the world willing and ready to blast a hole in the whole fucking planet in the very NAME of intolerance…I care very very deeply that our bizzarro president talks about bring “folks” to justice, refusing to say bring terrorists to justice.

I have a message for our lying president who relies on the media…the media for shit’s sake, to protect the American people from a full and honest accounting of the truth. The message: hey asshole: If you called it terrorism then why didn’t you say: We are going to be working with the Libyan government to bring these terrorists to justice.

You did not tell America on Sept. 12 or anytime thereafter for about 2 weeks that our embassy was attacked by terrorists and you relied on a yellow-livered journOlister to perpetuate your lie to the American people.

And you, coward that you are Obama, count on the New York Times, for shit’s sake, to pretend that YOUR administration did not deny protection to our diplomatic mission in Benghazi.
As the truth has come out it is clear that your administration DID deny added security to those brave folks…yes, they are folks, terrorists are not… and you have to hide behind Candi Crowley’s ample skirt to avoid being held accountable.

This is the question:

“Who was it that denied enhanced security [for our embassy in Benghazi] and why?”

Americans now know that Bush was better at admitting the truth about his fuck ups than you are, Mr. Obama and worse, 100 times worse, the NEW YORK TIMES, for shit’s sake is refusing to ask and answer that simple question asked by the man in the Town Hall debate: Who was it that denied enhanced security [for our embassy in Benghazi] and why?”
From the Times buried story on Rejected Security to Libya embassy:

One episode cited by the House committee was the firing in May of rocket-propelled grenades at a Red Cross office less than a mile from the United States diplomatic office in Benghazi, an early-morning attack that caused no casualties. A Facebook posting that claimed responsibility said, “We announce that Libya is an Islamic state,” adding, “Now we are preparing a message for the Americans for disturbing the skies over Derna,” a port city.

In early June, a two-vehicle convoy carrying the British ambassador came under rocket-propelled-grenade attack, which the letter called, “an important escalation.”
In late June, the Red Cross was attacked again, and the organization pulled out, leaving the American compound with “the last Western flag flying in Benghazi, making it an ideal target for militants,” the letter said.

The Times piece was never picked up by evening news, largely because the Times buried the story and even in the buried story pretended the GOP was lying thru their red-tinged teeth about the honorable Bararck. Sickening! Where has investigative journalism gone?

And dollars to doughnuts you didn’t see this on the news cycle:

The State Department withdrew U.S. security personnel from Libya just weeks before suspected Islamist extremists killed the U.S. ambassador there despite warnings from the U.S. Embassy that the Libyan government couldn’t protect foreign diplomats, according to an email released Tuesday.
The State Department rejected requests to extend the tours of U.S. diplomatic and military security personnel in order to “normalize” embassy operations according to “an artificial timetable,” Eric Nordstrom, the embassy’s former security chief, wrote in an Oct. 1 email.
The claim is certain to fuel a growing election year furor over security at the U.S. consulate in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi at the time of the Sept. 11 assault that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.

Read more here:

Furor needs coverage and for two weeks now the evening news has not said a word about this failure to delivery security OR asked Obama why he has refused to answer the question asked him at that Town Hall meeting:

“Who was it that denied enhanced security [for our embassy in Benghazi] and why?

If there were only one reason to vote against you and for Mitt tomorrow it would be that it cannot stand in America…another four years of the Media shielding Americans from the failure of their so-called leader and from Obama’s refusal to tell the truth to Americans, ..this one do be a doozy! But sadly there are hundreds of reasons, millions of reasons (think jobs we need but never materialize under your failed presidency) to vote against four more years of stasis, lies and gridlock..gridlock YOU installed to instill hate and division in these once United States.

We need to move on from you Barack. You need to go home to wherever you will next make your guess is Hawaii where you can eat your waffles in peace..and you can get out of the way. If your not part of the solution you are part of the problem and we’ve had years of you telling us what has gone wrong…in answer to the question: Who was it that denied enhanced security [for our embassy in Benghazi] and why?” Barack yammered on about finding out what when wrong…never once saying what should have been done to prevent it…and we’ve had four years of you saying what went wrong…without EVER mentioning that you supported the policies that lead to our housing bubble and subsequent collapse…and yet, Barky bark Bark, whimper, whimper, we never hear about your solutions other than class warfare which is NOT and NEVER will be a solution.

If we see a second term of BHO, we are in for a long sad slog of American decline and debt that will bury this great country. If Mitt pulls it off…we are in for a steady, upward climb to a place that will look like the American Dream I grew up with, we all grew up with, as Mitt will get things back on track. Mitt is a solutions guy.
I pray he will pull it off.


Go Mitt!

Go Mitt!

Odummer said "obviously this

Odummer said "obviously this was an attack on Americans."
Wow, our "smartestestest" ever president according to media acolytes of Odummer.

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