The Lowest Common Misogyny Denominator of Louis CK and Bill Maher and the great news that readers hate anti-woman bigots


Last night I was watching a Conan O'brien –musta been a re-run because it was pretty late—but not sure. Anyway the VILE Misogynist Louis C.K. was on and Conan was licking his butt, telling folks just what a funny guy Bigot Louis C. K. is when Louis C.K interrupted him to yet again suggest violence against women. Louis C.K. said he couldn't understand why homeless men didn't just kill women with purses and take their money because the men are hungry...

he was shocked that more people didn’t commit more violence; for example he said, the other day there was a homeless man standing next to a woman at a bus stop and the woman had a purse and Louis C.K was completely shocked that the man didn’t kill the woman and take her purse because the man was hungry and the woman didn’t give him her purse. To listen to LCK say it was to understand that he felt the homeless man would be fully justified to stab a woman to death in order to get her money. (LCK did say he wondered why folks at amusement parks didn't just whack each other in line for a ride, but there was a total difference to the two in his delivery--in the amusement park case he provided no context for why people might stab each other to death, no justification, whereas in the case of the homeless man killing the woman with the purse he made it clear the guy had a justification to kill--his need for money and her unwillingness to give it to him.)

Funny Stuff. Last night a simple-minded mostly destitute man told me that someone should shoot Sarah Palin. Wonder where he got that? When these men dehumanize women who do not act or think as they would have them think this translates into real world violence against women. Every second of every day of every week women are punished by men via sexual assault or physical assault for not behaving "properly." And every nanosecond a woman is verbally assaulted by men for not thinking in the "proper" way. Bill Maher and Louis CK and Rush Limbaugh are all of a feather: they want to control women's thoughts and bodies, and they want other men to have that right as well. The only difference is Bill and Louis like to not have to support every child they conceive so they do like choice of abortion on a limited scale.
NOTE: I am a strongly pro-choice female.

Now on to some delightful wonderful hopeful postings on an ABC News blog with Jake Tapper sortakinda holding Maher’s misogynist feet to the wall. Maher says, hey it is O.K. to used gendered hate speech against women because, ha ha, it is funny and the audience laughs. (Yes, and not so long ago the audience laughed at calling blacks dumb lazy niggers so that oughta be the standard of what is O.K. as per Bigot Bill. And in many Muslim lands it is a good big funny to a lot of folks when a gal gets stoned to death for cheating on her hubby, so that oughta be O.K. cause people accept it per Bigot Bill. In fact last night the man who told me that he thought Palin should be killed, shot to be specific, thought that would be funny. So Bill is helpful in the Talibanization of the American male as well as Louis CK)

Bill says:

BILL MAHER: I said on my show last Friday, I’m a pottymouth, not a misogynist.

Any sane person would respond: Yes and David Duke was a pottymouth, not a racist.

But let’s skip our take and Misogynist Bigot Bill’s and move to the delightful comments section on the ABC item where readers really DO get it!

Typical sleaze bag response making excuses to his clearly anti-woman rants.
The loons can keep this sleazy slimebag.

POSTED BY: JONNY | MARCH 15, 2012, 6:23 AM 6:23 AM
Whoever group of people Bill Maher represents, they are the most intolerant hateful bigots this country has seen since the know-nothing party. Absolute blatant hypocrisy. And he gets the free pass. Where is Gloria Alred calling for his arrest? Nowhere, because the left are the masters of the double standard.

POSTED BY: EPU | MARCH 15, 2012, 7:00 AM 7:00 AM
My post did not post. Oh, well. Liberals continue to twist in the wind to try to justify MaHer’s hate speech and their own bigoted sense of humor. I can’t relate to anyone who would think his “jokes” funny. Anybody ever heard of not throwing stones if you live in a glass house? Think about it.

POSTED BY: ANN | MARCH 15, 2012, 8:24 AM 8:24 AM
It isn’t whether Maher is a pottymouth or if Rush was wrong. They play to their audience. Just don’t listen to them. The problem is that the president decided to take one side over the over. He can’t condemn Rush while taking money from someone who has said far worse things, no matter what Maher wants us to believe. Everyone knows how disgusting Maher is and doesn’t just stop at Palin. He goes after the families of any conservative he doesn’t like. He doesn’t just say funny things, like Leno, he says vile things. I can’t even believe Jake gave him a forum to defend himself.

POSTED BY: RAFE | MARCH 15, 2012, 9:48 AM 9:48 AM
Bill Maher is a scum bag. White comedians aren’t allowed to say the N word why are male comedians allowed to be misogynist? Because they say its just bad language? No its not you “dumb tw@t” Maher. Its carefully chosen language meant to demean a woman in a very specific way. And you use it all the time. Not over ten years. One year ago to the present. You are a misogynist and hypocrite. You and Rush are exactly the same.

POSTED BY: MAGICBEANS | MARCH 15, 2012, 11:07 AM 11:07 AM
Where’s obama on all this? taking Maher’s money. I guess it’s just fine and dandy to call Michelle Obama a cun*t since, you know, she’s a public person and all.

POSTED BY: BOB | MARCH 15, 2012, 11:16 AM 11:16 AM
Michele Obama is a public figure. Would he use those words to describe her? And if so, would Liberals accept the position that it’s okay because he’s a comedian?

POSTED BY: MIKE | MARCH 15, 2012, 11:17 AM 11:17 AM
so misogyny is OK with dems if your attacking women who disagree with you. Gee. ;wonder why Obama’s losing women.

POSTED BY: BOB | MARCH 15, 2012, 11:19 AM 11:19 AM
It’s OK as long as the person/people the “comedians” are attacking aren’t part of the protected class. Just ask Tracy Morgan (gay jokes) or Michael Richards (n word).

POSTED BY: MD | MARCH 15, 2012, 11:27 AM 11:27 AM
Bill gets away with it because we have women out there that think he’s not talking about them. Obviously they don’t have a vagina.

POSTED BY: WAKE UP AMERICS | MARCH 15, 2012, 11:40 AM 11:40 AM
I was confused so I lookup the defintion of mysogyny and you know it doesn’t say anything about a woman having to be a private citizen in order for it to apply. It’s really convenient that libs redefine words when necessary. you all have a big laugh when he calls palin a c— because you don’t like her politics, but pretend outrage when a “private person” is called a sl–, by someone on the radio.
So by that same logic i guess a conservative “comedian” could call obama the n word (in the context of “i hate his politics”) and that would be okay, right?? because obama is a public figure. am I right?? I just want to be clear because the lib logic is very confusing.

POSTED BY: ETCH | MARCH 15, 2012, 11:45 AM 11:45 AM


Too often US politics are

Too often US politics are polarized by screaming Left or Right. Maher ...uses vulgar offensive language that offends many people I am sure. However I want to see you quote a paragraph instead of paraphrase an idea that offended you.

Cal when you disagree with

Cal when you disagree with someone who is black, it is OK to say that you disagreewith them... but it is not OK to call them a dumb nigger because you feel differently than they do. Cal, I suggest you try to understand this simple rule.

Perhaps you need to understand that quoting Bill Maher is why we find him to be such a huge bigot. When someone calls Barack a nigger, I don't need to go any further on what else he might have to say. I don't need to quote his entire thought because it is in the nigger calling that Maher lost all credibility.
That means when he is talking about a woman and calls her sexist names, I don't need to go beyond that. The buck stops with the B word or the C word or when he calls Barack Obama a dumb nigger.
Try dear to understand that

David Duke was funny too, but

David Duke was funny too, but that is not an excuse for racism. Women who like to LCK is like African Americans liking to David Duke.

As I read the comments

As I read the comments featured in this post, I dare to dream about shackling the democrat misogynists and the republican misogynists equally under a culture that protects women from hate speech in public sectors.

Obama can rot in hell for taking money from Maher.


h/t Allison!

I thought Louis CK has pulled out of this event...any updates, please send. Doubt Tina Brown joined in for Louis CK to make tracks like the sexist pig he is, but...

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