The NYTimes laments overuse of Really on TV, but nary a word about the overuse of the B word


The ObamaNYTimes recently put this header on a story: "The 'R' Word: Really, Really Overused." Well tickle my frickle, ain't thaaat somin. The bastion of--hairball coughup--feminism, has penned an item lamenting that on TV we Americans have to listen to the word "really" way too often. We Americans with a vagina have another problem a bit more pressing: we are called the 'B' word WAY too often, and the Times HAS NEVER penned that article, lamenting sexism via slut slamming women on TV nightly, calling us whores, bitches, sluts, skanks, and worse. Where is THAT article?? Don't hold your....

breath ladies!.

Want to know why there still exists a pay gap? Yes, many reasons, but one that women demanding high-paying jobs are portrayed as bitches all over TV and women with $$ are the ultimate evil. Watch Law & Order and you'd never know that blacks in NYCity are the major killers; Law & Order has rich white women as the biggest bitch killers roaming the streets of NYC. Just do the math: blacks are rarely the killers on that show, despite the fact minorities commit 80% plus gun crimes. No, in the bizzaro world of TV, women bitches (called that outright, many many many times per night) are the ones committing at least half of the killings in New York. LMAO.

So one day, maybe we will see an article in the Times saying the B world is "really really overused" on TV. It won't be in my lifetime.


Those white Amishwomen gotta

Those white Amishwomen gotta watch em!



Thank you for this important

Thank you for this important post.

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