Why do Democrats say women who have children they can't care for are heroes when they are in reality leeches?


Meet this mother of FIVE, Elizabeth Escalona, who has been sentenced to 99 years in jail for gluing her child’s hands to a wall as punishment for existing as a child. Now meet the DemoRATs who insist that 23- year-old Elizabeth Escalona, up until the time she got that glue bottle out, was a hero who needs every white working mom to shovel out a third of her income to pay for the care and feeding and etc., etc., of Elizabeth Escalona’s FIVE kids. Dems call Elizabeth Escalona a hero mom—until reality catches up.

And statistics show reality always catches up, no matter how much we take from women who don’t have children they can’t feed to give to women who do.

From the NYDaily News:

Jocelyn {the beaten child} has since recovered and is now being cared for by her grandmother, Ofelia Escalona, who is taking care of her daughter’s four other children, including a baby born this year.

This week I sat next to a woman who makes a living from Head Start, the program that has shoveled $163 billion into kids pre-school only to see those gains lost almost immediately when the kids enter into public schools. The women was having a lovely dinner at an upscale restaurant, diamonds dripping off her tanned fingers—she had just returned from a vacation in an exotic spot. When asked by my companion what to do: she said: why we need to pay for in home tutors in the home at night because the parents will not to what is needed to help their children with their homework. She said the parents must have in home housework help as well—paid for by...you guessed it, white women who did not have five kids without a college degree, because well you can stretch the middle class farrrrrr and far and far to pay for the needs of Elizabeth Escalona and her unending progeny.

Escalona is a dumb breeder, but rather than call her that, as we should to shame her from demanding others pay the tab for her fecundity, Dumorats as my party has become, insists, right up until the second she glues those tiny hands to the wall, and kicked and beat the child for potty training issues, Breeder Escalona is a freakn’ hero, downtrodden by the likes of Rich White Women like Ann Romney or any other white women they can think of to demand cash redistribution of their paychecks or husband’s paychecks to care for the Escalona’s of this country.

Here is how the story ends: NYDaily News:

A counselor, Melanie Davis, testified Wednesday that her sessions with Escalona indicated the young mother loved all five of her children and that she would benefit from more counseling. Davis said Escalona has set herself the short-term goal of finding a job and the long-term aim of getting her children back.

Translation: white woman, That is gonna cost you some serious coin so pile up on that birth control cause we need your money to counsel Escalona, pay for the unending stream of caregivers and funding needs of her five kids, pay for her lawyers, pay for pay for pay for, fuck you white women saving for your kid’s college education, fuck you bitch, shut up and Pay for Miss Escalona, because she is the fucking HERO of this story , you hear that white bitches, Escalona is the HERO here.

Now, as we done before, we turn to the communist/ socialist NYTimes writer Eduardo Porter who has never met a tax he didn’t like—we wrote about his dire wishes to see Obama’s dream of permanent gas taxes of some $5 a gallon implemented last month. Today we turn to Comrade Porter’s hand wringing that any effort to reduce the deficit will hurt funds that go to the likes of Elizabeth Escalona.

He wants more more more and more and more to go to kids born to low-income folks because:

“unsurprisingly, half of American children born to low-income parents grow up to be low-income adults.”

Hmmm, we’ve been throwing money hand over fist at low-income kids and their parents for over 40 years and the needle has NOT moved. Those kids are still as likely, if not MORE so, to grow up to be government subsidy humans, despite hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on each kid over their childhoods.

But comrade Porters answer is to make producers work longer hours and into their dotage so that their money can keep flowing to the likes of Elizabeth Escalona and her progeny. Because seniors have saved and are not as poor as the likes of Elizabeth Escalona we need to get their money and pay for some, erghm, counseling for Miss Escalona. Comrade Porter drones on about the need to funnel money to kids whose parents can’t afford them, but not once, NEVER once states the obvious: make policies that don’t endorse the likes of Elizabeth Escalona to have five kids. Cause when she beat her child and glued her hands to the wall, the likes of Porter will tell you “we have the third-worst rate of infant mortality among 30 industrialized nations and the second-highest teenage pregnancy rate, after Mexico.

Democrats need to stand up and SHAME women for having children they have not the wherewithal to raise. We need to do it BEFORE they have those kids and glue their hands to walls, before we ask higher-income women to think LOW for themselves after years of deferred gratification and hard work so no one is every asked to permanently raise their child—that is if they even have one, which white working women very often loath to do without a husband.

So when NYTimes writer Comrade Porter tells you in “Cutbacks and the Fate of the Young” not to worry about the deficit we are placing on our kids, that we should spend more on kids who are very very likely to need lifetime taxpayer support to get along, well what he is really saying: you rich white bitches be having too many babies and need to work harder and the child you do have must work every harder and perhaps never have a child so the likes of Elizabeth Escalona can have her “fair share” of your money, house, children, retirement, college education, food, vacations, health insurance.
And her five kids will go on to have five kids apiece and those kids will demand ever more of your one child and when that child has not child to pay for all the progeny of the hapless Escalona and the country is aflame, Comrade Porter and his hero Barack Obama (who has stated on the record he has no use for those who refuse to pay for the children of others—not in the short term, but over the course of their dependent lives) will tell you, shame on you, lookee here why do we not spend more more and more and more and more on paying those who have no business have kids to have more and more and more and more kids, so that there are ever more and more and more and more Democrats who can tip the scale to the Dreams of Barack Obama’s father: a society where government takes 100% of your income and doles out the favors it sees fit. And you will be asked to work harder and harder and harder so those “less fortunate” can have ever more kids. Barack has said it over and over: the demographics are in his favor. President Obama and Comrade Porter should send a note of thanks to Miss Escalona, and her darling uterus.

Comrade Porter wrote another article “At the Polls, Choose Your Capitalism” pretending that Obama’s path was on of capitalism. Here is what Porter said:
“…Obama who offers the government as an agent to assist the less prosperous, to put a thumb on the scale on the side of the have-nots.”

We have to say, Obama and Porter: We think we ought to take our thumb OFF the scale on the side of the have-nots like Escalona so that her children don’t feel the moral imperative you send to them, saying “go forth and multiply because the haves owe it to you. They do not, and we have got to start saying that adults must become responsible for the choices they make in life, and that a temporary safety net is ALL we will provide.
We now have one-third of this nation on public assistance. The problem is not giving more to the have-nots; the problem is telling them they must live with the choices they make and support the children they breed. How do we do that: one simple word: SHAME. No more pretending breeders on public assistance are noble: they are not. No more pretending moms on welfare are heroes: they are not. Shame those who live a life they ask others to pay for on a permanent basis. Shame is a fine part of civil society. Let’s stop pretending it is our moral imperative to do what only brings misery.



Just found this site. Tasty

Just found this site. Tasty article! We are reversing survival of the fittest to deluge of the least fit. By ensuring no intelligence is needed to thrive in the world and limiting those with intelligence to pass on their offspring --by redistributing their material fortunes to the point they limit children they produce-- we are sending the world with low hanging fruit.

This is very hard on poor

This is very hard on poor women who decided to have children. But I can't say it is wrong. Why can't we ask women to put off child bearing until a time when they can reasonably care for their young? Isn't that what reproductive rights is all about when you really think about it?

White women boo hoo hoo. They

White women boo hoo hoo. They are spoiled.

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