Message to the FemiSex

Women are the Majority in America. This is reflected in our percentage of the Supreme Court…oh wait, women have a 10 % stake there. Ok, then in our Fortune 1000 companies as CEO…nope, it is 2% there. Perhaps in our ability to grab bylines in major media periodicals?…naw, that’s coming it at 15%.

The American clock ticks to the beat of Capitalism and these rules say: 51% is a majority shareholder! To the Majority goes control. The American clock ticks to the beat of Democracy and these rules say: 51% is the Majority and… to the Majority goes control.

Birth of FemiSex

A not-so-funny thing happened on the way to the general election of 2008. Millions of Americans discovered the Liberal Press despises women. Not all women. Liberal Press does adore certain women--wives, mothers, workaday gals, these are all accepted models. However, the love STOPS DEAD for Alpha Women.

For a woman with the temerity (The Audacity!) to make a run for the Top Dog spot, the Liberal Press stripped down, all the way down, showing Americans the Misogyny and Sexism they, until now, kept tucked up around their private parts.