Birth of FemiSex

A not-so-funny thing happened on the way to the general election of 2008. Millions of Americans discovered the Liberal Press despises women. Not all women. Liberal Press does adore certain women--wives, mothers, workaday gals, these are all accepted models. However, the love STOPS DEAD for Alpha Women.

For a woman with the temerity (The Audacity!) to make a run for the Top Dog spot, the Liberal Press stripped down, all the way down, showing Americans the Misogyny and Sexism they, until now, kept tucked up around their private parts.

The founders of this page are mainstream media journalists appalled by this shameful display. When Pat Buchanan is the most reasonable voice of comment on the topic of a female run for the presidency….well, the time has come for a Very Large Correction.

No longer should one think in terms of Conservative vs. Liberal Media. In regard to sexism and misogyny they are exposed as one and the same. To end sexist press we must focus on Derailment.

Which brings us to our first mission statement: Derail male domination of the media.

OTVMC (Oh TV we need a new MC!)

Ownership: Apart from a tiny parcel, media is owned and controlled by males. Derail male domination of the press.

Top Edit: Top editors are male by massive majority. Derail male domination of the press.

Voice: That which is pleasing to Owners is allowed to rise to the top. Derail male domination of the press.

Majority: Women are a 51% majority in America. Demand women be represented in the media and press in proportion to their numbers (51%) and ethnicity as a percentage of that female population. Derail male domination of the press.

Corn-pone opinions: Mark Twain quoted a very wise slave who said: “You tell me whar a man gits his corn pone, en I’ll tell you what his ’pinions is.” From birth, women are fully inculcated into their society’s sexism, and then... are expected to earn a living in a society steeped in patriarchy. Let us get our corn-pone from women and then... watch opinion and loyalty shift, and sexism (male and female!) crumble. Derail male dominion of the press. will cover all aspects of society.

Watch for other mission statements in the future.


FemiSex mission statement-Part 2

This one is short and sweet. A woman in the White House.

The United States of America is far from United. It is a place where women sit in the back. They are 2nd Class Citizens to men of any color when it comes to income, politics, tenure, law, clout, respect…the list goes on and on.

And when they put themselves in contention, they are subjected to the worst possible ridicule.

Fear is what drives this inequality. Fear of the unknown. Fear of borders breached. Fear of equality.

With equality comes responsibility; with equality comes respect; with equality comes hard choices, yes. But with equality comes FREEDOM.